Zenith in an empty stadium will play against torpedo Moscow in the game of the second round of RFPL

 Zenith in an empty stadium will play against torpedo Moscow in the game of the second round of RFPL
Three of the tournament the 2nd round of the Czech Cup will be held on the first day of the weekend in Saransk, St. Petersburg and Grozny. Because of the disqualification Zenit will play against the capital gained in an empty stadium.
in Saransk debut home Game of the season will hold» Mordovia», to the same ward of the experienced mentor League Yuri Semin is expected to play against CSKA.» Mordovia «in the opening round unexpectedly won on the road «Ural» with the score 3: 2, and a team With such a seasoned coach, and half made up of debuting in the Premier League foreigners are unlikely to be afraid of the opponents. In Yekaterinburg caranci lost were seriously injured midfielder from the Netherlands Lorenzo Ebecilio, which will replace in the center of the field or experienced Anton Bober, or Senegalese beginner Buy contГ© Niasse.
CSKA in the opening match of the championship was defeated with the score 4: 1 «torpedo», and first won the Russian super Cup, beating «Rostov» (3: 1). The army team start the season in a good mood, although they traditionally many injured — the most important thing is Alan Dzagoev and Georgy Schennikov.
Match «Mordovia» — CSKA will be held at the stadium «Start» and will begin at 13: 30 GMT. The meeting will be served by the judge of the St. Petersburg Sergey Lavochkin.
at 17: 00 GMT in St. Petersburg starts the game between Zenit and «torpedo» held without spectators. Petrovsky stadium disqualified for the behavior of fans at the end of the previous season, which ran on the field and tore off the Match With Dynamo. Empty stands negate the level of the opponents, and «Zenith» on Wednesday, spent a difficult Champions League Match With Cyprus Elam and, although it has achieved a major victory 3: 0, energy and emotion spent a lot. In both meetings with modest Cypriot club(0: 1, 3: 0) «Zenith did not show good football, attending the team in the opening game of the championship With the Tula Arsenal (4: 0).
The gained in the first eight years of the game in the elite League they lost to CSKA, But not looked hopeless, opening an account in the opening (on the 5-th minute scored semen Fomin.- Approx.). But at the end of the first half of the «torpedo» happened destruction and penalties. Largely because of this team Nicholas Savicheva failed to give proper resistance to the current champion. However, the chances for successful performance in St. Petersburg they have a good, even in the lack disqualified defender Vladimir Rykov and midfielder Vadim Steklov. The latest in the end of the match With CSKA got a concussion and only yesterday was discharged from the hospital.
The match «Zenit» — «torpedo» will serve judging panel headed by Igor Nizovtseva from Nizhny Novgorod.
Complete day Meeting in Grozny between Terek and Rubin Kazan. Chechen club will be hosting the second home match in a row, at the start of the wards Rashid Rakhimov defeated Amkar (4: 0), whereas the Volga players With the same score in the opening game of the championship lost in his field «Spartacus». The moral advantage is clearly with the owners, the more that Rubin did not demonstrate a balanced game. On the reverse side, and «Terek» only In the 2nd half of the tournament With the team was able to dominate a competitive advantage.
The meeting between the «Terek» and «ruby» will begin at the Akhmat-Arena 20: 00 GMT, chief judge Alexey Nikolaev from the capital of Russia.
started the 2nd round on the Last working day of the week, when Amkar in his field defeated «Ufa» (0: 1), and Kuban in Krasnodar played draw With «Rostov» — 2: 2

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