Zenit will play with the Cyprus Elam in the second leg of the 3rd round of Champions League

 Zenit will play with the Cyprus Elam in the second leg of the 3rd round of Champions League
Zenit St. Petersburg will play with Cypriot club AYOL from Limassol in the second leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League. Before wards Andre Villas-Boas has the task to recoup after the away defeat with the score 0: 1.
Failure in the first game in Larnaca was a big surprise, considering the substantial difference in the grade of Vice-Champions of Russia and Cyprus. However, the Zenit your chances are not used, while the Polish striker Aela Lukas Gicewicz own goals scored, and now Zenit must make in his field a lot of effort to defend shame. In Cyprus Zenit players clearly had little movement, But then the team gave a good performance in Tula in the opening match of the national championship, defeating the first day of the weekend local» stocks «with the score 4: 0.
If Zenit are often the stars of the European level, and nine players played in the world championship, AYOL was completed average players mostly from Spain, Portugal and Brazil, in addition to the Bulgarian coach of the islanders Ivailo Peteva summer had really build a new team. Anyway, in the home match Cypriots showed good skill and dedication. Taking into account that Zenit need to score twice to go through, the chances of the competitors are Very large. And conducted by Aalam the ball will force the owners three times to hit the gate commands from Limassol.
«very well, that in the last game we could implement your own the only dangerous moment,» said mentor Aela Petev.- If we can do It in the upcoming match, we will have a serious advantage.»

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