Youth national Team of Russia on football losing team Denmark in the qualifying match of Euro-2015

Youth national Team of Russia on football losing team Denmark in the qualifying match of Euro-2015
Youth national Team of Russia on football gave the team Denmark in the game of the qualifying tournament of Euro-2015. The meeting was held in the Danish Aalborg and ended with the score 4: 2 in favor of the hosts.
in contrast, from the national team of the Russian Federation, which on 8 September only starts its own new qualifying round, the Russian hockey qualifying round has entered the homestretch. The match against the Danes was the penultimate for the wards of Nikolai Pisarev within the selection for the European Championships 2015. Ahead only game with Andrzej and offs for the right to participate in the final stage. In eight previous meetings of the group 2 Russian team gave their best sides, scoring six wins, one draw and one defeat. However, the only meeting of the citizens of Russia lost to the Danes (0: 2), than obviously complicate themselves competing for first place in the group. To compete for the championship, the team of Nikolai Pisarev had to beat Denmark on the road, but the task proved impossible.
of Russian citizens by the authors goals were Arshak of Koran (33rd minute) and Denis Davydov (89). Danes scored a double Lasse Christensen (5, 44), the goals scored Yannick Westerhof (56), Andreas Christensen (73).
Wards Nikolai Pisarev scored 19 points in group 2 and was secure in second place. The team of Denmark 23 points and a ticket to the UEFA Euro 2015.
After this victory Denmark scored 23 points and ahead of secured first place in the group. For the round to finish the Danes ahead of Russian citizens on four points. Team of the Russian Federation regardless of the outcome of the game with a team of Andorra will remain in the second group, because ahead of Slovenes five points. According to the regulations of the qualifying tournament, in clashes leave 10 group winners and the four best teams from those who took the second place. So that the team Pisarev’s still a good chance to compete for a spot in the final round — 19 points until not gained any Team in the other groups from among those who go on second.
So, the Russian youth team suffered their peers from Denmark’s fourth defeat in a row in history. Before the teams met in the fall of 2005 in the play-offs for the right to play at the European championship in 2006, and both times were stronger than the Danes. 1st Match in Krasnodar ended with the victory of the Scandinavians with the score 1: 0, and the second Meeting ended with the score 3: 1 in favor of Denmark, citizens of Russia earned in game five deletions. Red cards at the end of the meeting on 16 November 2005 received another young Vladimir Bystrov, Yuri Zhirkov, Sergey chernopeev, Alexander Bukharov and Alexander Samedov, remote from the bench.
The meeting of the youth national team of the Russian Federation with a team of Andorra will be held on Tuesday, September 9 at the alternate field «Luzhniki «»

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