Yakin: young players of Spartak showed good performance in the game against Crvena Zvezda

Yakin: young players of Spartak showed good performance in the game against Crvena Zvezda
The result of the tournament with the «red Star» was of secondary importance, but the young players showed a very good game, and all were glad to be involved in this wonderful show as the opening of the new stadium «Spartak». About It after the meeting, told reporters the head coach of the red-and-white Murat Yakin.
«When you are part of such a great show, opening such a magnificent stadium, feeling fantastic,» said Yakin.- very glad That we contributed to the opening of the arena and organized this match. The result today was secondary, and we tried to give match practice to the maximum number of our players and to show That we are one team, we are United. Very important That we took from this game is a real pleasure».
«The guys were motivated though and was a little nervous, but they showed a good game,» continued Yakin.- we had no choice, due to international duty and injuries we were not able to count on many players, for this reason, all of the load fell on the young people. Guys two days purposefully prepared for this match and showed itself in all its glory».
According to the coach of Spartak goalkeeper Artem Rebrov was able to avoid serious injury.» Artem Rebrov little «swim» after the collision, but currently it’s all right,» said Yakin.
in the end Yakin said That the phrase «Spartak spirit «he is very much This means.» did I feel Spartak spirit? Needless to say, you do not need a lot of time, » said the coach.- the club has a great tradition, and all work inside rebuilt at the highest level. I hope the new stadium will help us to win a great victory and regain the titles. «Spartak «simply unique arena, and a pledge of our future success is to become a powerful support».
the next match on «Open Arena «Spartak» will hold on September 14, When in the 7-th round of the championship of Russia will take Moscow «torpedo».
Yakovlev ready to go to fan the podium at the new stadium
Midfielder of «Spartacus» Pavel Yakovlev admitted That he was ready to go to fan the podium at the new stadium Moscow club.
«without a doubt, to play at this stadium a pleasure. It’s a pity That we could not win, but we played against the brotherhood team, and Result in similar matches fades into the background. What can you say about a goal by Dmitry Kombarov? This little football tricks. This goal is valuable despite the friendly nature of the meeting. I was already a fan on the podium before, but the new stadium is ready to go at it again, Whenever possible».
the next match at the stadium «Open arena «Spartak» will hold on September 14 against the «torpedo» in the framework of the 7th round of the Czech Cup

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