Well-known football player and coach Valery Gazzaev marks 60 years

Well-known football player and coach Valery Gazzaev marks 60 years
Valery Gazzaev, who on Thursday marks 60 years, Professor of the Russian coaching workshop. About This journalist said the former coach of the Russian Federation and the Moscow «Locomotive» Yuri Semin, who now heads a team of Russian football Premier League (RFPL) «Mordovia».
According to Semin, business card Gazzaev-coach — tactical scheme 3-5-2.» This brand handwriting Gazzaev, his style, » said Semin, a good friend of the hero.- Gazzayev — master 3-5-2, which, incidentally, was used extensively during the world Cup in Brazil. Not to mention that all the teams Gazzaev played very smoothly, with discipline, with knowledge of the case. He always knows when and what adjustments should be made in the team who can produce on the field, one to replace. It is clear that winning the UEFA Cup is a significant Chapter in the career Gazzaev. But the victory of the «Alania» in the Russian championship in 1995, probably the most valuable. Without a doubt, the «Alania» to win the championship of the Russian Federation was much harder than later with CSKA.
«Gazzaev — Professor of the Russian coaching workshop», — noticed Semin.
Semin played with or in FC Lokomotiv Moscow in the 1970s,» when we met with Valery, I remember often, » said Semin being footballer, who played at the position forward, and later as a midfielder.- He arrived from Vladikavkaz in the Russian capital in a beautiful hat made of beaver. Try not given very much loved her».
Gazzayev left «locomotive» in 1978, clicking the «Dynamo», which appeared six years. A total difficulties in the USSR Championships He spent 283 tournament, scoring 89 goals. In 1984 of «Dynamo» Gazzaev won the USSR Cup.
«Valery stood a great technique which many modern Russian players are very lacking, and high speed,» said Semin.- Dribbling he was non-standard, such that it was difficult to foresee in advance what He wants to do, like going to circle. He, however, had exacerbated the game, unceasingly escalate tensions on the defenders of the enemy. Gazzayev was an individualist. In the best sense of the word. He was never afraid to take the game on their own shoulders. Such forwards as Gazzayev, our football is currently not enough».
in the first part of the 2000s confrontation CSKA, who coached Gazzayev, and Lokomotiv, who coached Semin, was considered one of the most important in the Russian football.» Principled opposition, you say? Without a doubt. But not only on the football field and tennis court Valery in our cottage. We so often — who loses, he will lay the table in any good restaurant,» said Semin.
«Valery, you have learned the wisdom and success. Your big family always supports you. I’m sure currently you have the most wonderful time for new victories. I wish you good luck and good health!» said Semin

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