VTSIOM: Alexander Kerzhakov is the most popular Russian football player

VTSIOM: Alexander Kerzhakov is the most popular Russian football player
The most popular player of the championship of Russia among the fans is the attacker «Zenit», Alexander Kerzhakov, who sympathize with 12 % of survey participants of the all-Russian center for the study of the opinions of a large number of citizens (VTSIOM). About it informs the official Internet-portal of the poll.
The second most popular, in spite of their disappointing performance at the world championship, is the CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev — to give him the benefit of 10 %. Chart player in football Zenit’s Andrei Arshavin has been steadily declining for 2 years. Their votes now give 5 % of respondents.
Among the most popular Russian players were also named brothers Berezutski (CSKA), Alan Dzagoev (CSKA) and Roman Shirokov ( «Spartacus» ). They sympathize with 4 percent.
The survey was devoted to the performance of the national team of Russia at the world championship in Brazil, where Russian citizens could not cross the barrier of the group stage. Only, according to VTSIOM, international competition has attracted the attention of 46 % of respondents, 20 of them closely followed the course of the tournament.
62 percent otpisanih was rooting for the Russian national team. In June the national team planned to support the 78 %. For the German national team, which won the tournament, experienced 24 % of respondents, while in June it was 9 %. A similar situation is observed with the Argentina team: this team experienced a 14 % otpisanih, whereas in the beginning of the championship of the world about it said only 2 percent.
More than 72% of the realized game of the German national team the best in the tournament. Despite this, the best player of the world Cup poll was the captain of Argentina Lionel Messi (22 percent), while none of the players of the German national team scored More than 5 %. In the Russian team respondents emphasized only the goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev — 1 percent of the respondents consider him the best player of the tournament

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