Vladimir Bessonov: witnessed the death of the famous player in the football Andriy Bal

Vladimir Bessonov: witnessed the death of the famous player in the football Andriy Bal
A famous footballer Andriy Bal died during the game, giving the transfer. About It told longtime partner Bal for the USSR national team in football And Dynamo Kiev Vladimir Bessonov, became a witness of the tragedy.
Bal died on the first day of the weekend at the 57th year of his life.
«We met at eleven o’clock in the morning on some of the fields of the Central stadium, as do veterans always on Saturdays,» said Bal.- You could say He died in my arms. No collisions were not, He just gave the ball And fell. What are the causes will be shown only the autopsy».
«He was an outstanding football player And man is his kindness, humility, fun,» continued the head of the Department.- He was always the soul of the team. In the organization He could always lift the spirit, attitude. We played with him in the Junior team, which in 1976 he won the European championship, and this year the world championship. And no wonder He was the captain. He was always ahead, at best. Very left early. He could do a lot of good in this world And in football, for example.
Midfielder of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Taras Michalik, who worked Together with Bal in Kiev «Dynamo», admitted that resides in shock from what happened.» Knew him well for work in Dynamo And Ukraine, knew his brother. This was a great coach And person. I have always had excellent relations with them. Now something else to say just that difficult, I’m shocked,» said Michalik.
Bal was born February 16, 1958 in the village of Razdol Lviv region. Played in defence And midfield. Most of his career spent in Kiev «Dynamo». For the USSR national team played in the years 1981-1989. Participated in 2 world Championships in 1982 And 1986. 4-time champion of the USSR(1981, 1985, 1986, 1990), 4-a multiple winner of the USSR Cup(1982, 1985, 1987, 1990), the winner of the Cup winners ‘ Cup (1986).
in the last few years Andriy Bal worked in the structure of the Dynamo — first assistant coach, then the coach breeder

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