Villas-Boas: the players of CSKA harder to win without assigned penalty

Villas-Boas: the players of CSKA harder to win without assigned penalty

Match of the 12th round of the Russian championship with CSKA — Zenit ended.
After the tournament leader CSKA Evgeny Giner asked reporters to ask of Villas-Boas, against how many players Today played CSKA.
«in this situation I don’t have to answer, still Giner is higher. If this was a game penalty, then the gate CSKA for a foul on Kariakoo. I understand the emotions of Giner, still no assigned penalty CSKA to win harder. We scored a quick goal, looked pretty good. I agree That CSKA could level the score in the end. However, the first 70 minutes We controlled the game,» said the Portuguese.
According to coach, the best scorer Zenit Salomon RondГіn will get a chance to return to the first team.» Not only RondГіn missed the game, but still 13 players who remained in reserve. Today the chance of the assault got Kerzhakov. As for RondГіn, He is working hard and will get a chance to return to the main team,» said Villas-Boas.
The Portuguese did Not say That in the last game the team showed the best game in the championship of Russia.» It is difficult to say whether This was a reference to the football Russian League championship. To give such estimates would be disrespectful To Spartak, Dynamo, Lokomotiv and» Krasnodar». Yes, for the last time Champions become only CSKA and Zenit. It speaks of a domination, but to dump the rest of the commands from the accounts cannot. Besides, as long as I do not have sufficient experience in the Russian Federation, to make such statements,» said the Portuguese.
«Ryazantsev took advantage of his chance. First He played at the position «tens», and After he moved to the edge to resist Mario Fernandes. Not only He, but the whole team has provided convincing football After losing to Arsenal in the Cup,» added Villas-Boas.
«the judge has contributed to the delay time»

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