Victory over the Azerbaijanis are Not a true indicator of the strength of the national team of the Russian Federation, says expert

Victory over the Azerbaijanis are Not a true indicator of the strength of the national team of the Russian Federation, says expert
The football team of the Russian Federation Was difficult to surprise fans and experts something new in their game against such an enemy as the team of Azerbaijan. This opinion in the talk with the reporter expressed a former Russian national team midfielder Alexander Mostovoi, referring to the victory of Russian citizens against Azerbaijanis in Khimki (4: 0).
on Wednesday, the Russian team on the suburban Arena-Khimki beat Azerbaijan in a friendly match with the score 4: 0. Scored a double Alexander Kerzhakov (6th and 12th minutes). Also goals at their own expense recorded Sergei Ignashevich (41) and Vladimir Granat (81).
«in my opinion, this game is Not a true indicator of the strength and capabilities of our team,» said Bridge.- most, if we take into account what he saw at the world Cup in Brazil. I have No desire to say that Azerbaijan is a weak opponent. Just two quick goals they broke, after which the match Was close. Of course, he bribed the attitude of our players, they all play acted at high speeds, fought and did Not relax. But, if you again fail to remember in Brazil, a similar attitude is Not surprising. Nothing new in the game team Russia in this game I have Not seen».
reviews of Bridge, the national team of Azerbaijan have Not brought difficulties to the Russian team.» It would be much more interesting if the Azerbaijanis was held in the first 20 minutes of the match and tried to impose their game, » said the expert.- For the Russian national team, it would be much more useful. And so the match ended on the 15th minute. Needless to say, surely it should be noted Kerzhakov, I’m very happy for him. Also looks great on the field Glushakov, he acted very promptly, well-connected forward. But for beginners, it is the same Snake was a bit noticeable on the field. Don’t Want to criticize the guy, probably this is caused by the first call to the national team, this is a very promising player.
at the end of the conversation Pavement clarified that For an objective assessment of the strength of the Russian team have to wait for the games against more experienced opponents, rather than national teams of Azerbaijan and Liechtenstein.» Though the match against Liechtenstein and will be official in nature, But I am sure that during the game he will be a little different from today, » said Bridge.- I have always believed that For the development of football requires constant matches with strong, well-established teams. Only in these games can really see what you can do. For this reason, it is necessary to wait with estimates of the national team of the Russian Federation to other meetings.»

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