Vice President of Monaco : the chance for the emergence of sponsors With buying Falcao failed

Vice President of Monaco : the chance for the emergence of sponsors With buying Falcao failed
Hope football club Monaco on the new sponsors acquisition striker Radamel Falcao is not justified. About this journalist said Vice-President of the club Vadim Vasilyev.
This summer on Falcao claimed real Madrid, Manchester city, Juventus and Manchester United. MJ made «Monaco «the best offer on 31 August and 1 September, the clubs agreed to the loan of the player in football. English club paid Falcao about fifteen million euros, and he became the highest paid player in the team. Next summer, Manchester United will have the option to buy the player for 25 million euros.
«We’re a bit disappointed, was expecting the arrival of Falcao will enable us quickly to find new sponsors to serious amounts,» said Vasiliev.- Unfortunately, this was not. As provided life, it takes a much longer period to build relationships with sponsors. These hopes were not realized. With Falcao all was quickly in the last days of the transfer window. I can understand that he had a very difficult season and probably psychologically wanted something to replace it. As long as We are not at the level of the great clubs Like real Madrid and Manchester United. When there is interest on their part To our players, it is difficult to retain players. On the reverse side We are delighted that The joint players leave in the best clubs in the world. The history of French football up to the present time did not know».
Another loud transfers this summer became the best scorer of the world Cup 2014 the Colombian Gamesa Rodriguez in Madrid. Madrid had paid «Monaco «80 million euros.
«Care Rodriguez was not planned, but after a successful performance at the world Championships and the receipt of proposals from the «real» has been extremely difficult to keep the player. Moreover, it was the biggest transfer in the history of French football and one of the largest deals in the history of world football. When there is such a possibility, We considered it correct to go for this deal,» said Vasiliev

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