Vice-President of FC Metalist : ready to consider offers on all players runaway

Vice-President of FC Metalist : ready to consider offers on all players runaway
Metalist Kharkiv is ready to consider offers for all players who did not return to the team before the start of the current season. About it in conversation with the journalist said 1st Vice-President of the club Vladimir Karpenko.
Just Metalist not returned five players: Argentines Sebastian Blanco, Alejandro Gomez, Jonathan Cristaldo And Jose Sosa, and Brazilian Diego Souza.
Karpenko confirmed first appeared in Brazil data That Souza joined the local» Sport Recife «on loan, and Cristaldo signed a full contract with Palmeiras.
«As for the players, who until now have not arrived at the location of the club, I have the opportunity to say one thing: work with them And their agents are non-stop, until the end of the transfer window all questions must be closed. If the Club receives a decent deals on these players, they will undoubtedly be considered,» added 1st Vice-President of the Kharkiv club.
After three rounds of the championship of Ukraine’s Metalist is in eighth place with 3 points.
Wage arrears
According to Karpenko, arrears of wages to the players in Kharkiv» Metalist «is, but within the normal workflow.
data on arrears of wages to the players appeared in the Ukrainian media. The source was the player of the team, who preferred not to be named.
«If you noticed, in the last period of time in the media too much information in respect to nonpayment of salaries in different clubs in the Ukrainian Premier League. And not all the Information, the more anonymous, true, » explained Karpenko.- Yes, occasionally delays in payments are present, but all of this happens within the normal workflow. The club continues to function, and the players — play».
on Thursday, it was announced That the Kyiv economic court imposed detention for shares Metalist stadium, home team, as Well as the base of the club in Kharkiv region. The court seized funds And property «of the Eastern European energy organization(VETEC), belonging to the owner of Kharkov» Metalist «Sergey Kurchenko

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