Veterans of the Moscow Spartak will play the first leg at the stadium arena Opening

Veterans of the Moscow Spartak will play the first leg at the stadium arena Opening
On Saturday at the beginning of the official opening of the Spartak stadium on the Opening of the Arena through a series of test events will be held a friendly football Match, which will play two teams Spartak veterans. This meeting, which will start at 16: 00 GMT, will be the first at the new stadium.
The management of «Spartacus» has decided to pay tribute to the club’s traditions and history, for this reason, the first opportunity to try out the new lawn arena received Spartak stars preceding, which will be divided into two teams — red and white.
«Red» Will lead the Coaching Duo of Oleg Romantsev and George Yartseva, standing at the head of the team in the mid-90 X. Under their leadership will play Rinat Dasaev, Alexey Prudnikov, Dmitry Parfenov, Viktor Onopko, Yuri Nikiforov, Vadim Evseev, Aleksandr Mostovoi, Vagiz hidiyatullin, Sergey Shavlo, Yegor Titov, F. Cherenkov, Alexander Shirko, Sergey gurlukovich, Gennady Morozov, Edward Moore, Rashid Rakhimov, Vasili Kulkov, Pyatnitsky, Alexei Meleshin, Andrei Konovalov, Valery Kuchinov, Vladimir Gubanov.
The coaching staff of the «white» will be headed by Nikita Simonyan and Vyacheslav ye. From the team will play Ruslan Nigmatullin, Andrey Smetanin, Dmitri Khlestov, Boris Pozdnyakov, Ramiz Mamedov, Yuri Kovtun, Sergei Rodionov, Vladimir Beschastnykh, Victor Bulatov, Yuri Gavrilov, Andrei Tikhonov, Sergey Yuran, Dmitry gradience, Eugene Bushmanov, Dmitry gun’ko, Vladimir Bukievski, Denis Boyarintsev, Muhsin Mukhamadiev, Igor Ledyahov, Dmitry Popov, Konstantin golovskoy, Oleg Curlew, Valery Shmarov.
Veterans who do not directly participate in the game, will be in the stands as honored guests.
Visit the «all-star Match» Spartak will only owners of season tickets for the season. As said host club Leonid Fedun, the end of summer «Spartak» has sold More than twenty thousand season ticket.
After the tournament all-star at the stadium scoreboard will host a live broadcast of the game the sixth round of the championship of Russia «Amkar» — «Spartak», which will start at 17: 00 GMT.
The decision on the closure of the metro station «Spartacus» at the entrance of passengers After the tournament veterans Will be taken by the management station according to the circumstances.
«Will overlap the entrance to the station of the end of the tournament or not, depends on the intensity of passenger traffic,» said the journalist in the administration of the Moscow metro.
for example, upon completion of the tournament the entrance to the station are able to close to prevent dangerous accumulations of people on the platform.» in this case, passengers need to walk to the other stations, and the load is distributed more evenly,» commented management. Among the spare stations called «Tushino», «Shchukinskaya», «Dynamo «and» Airport».
Mode, the same first, have the opportunity to enter and before the tournament.» All the escalators at «Spartak «if necessary, switch on the control system of the lifting passengers», — said the head of the Department.
The official opening ceremony is scheduled for September 5th. Will be a Grand show, which will include various events, and will be a friendly match between FC Spartak Moscow and Belgrade «Crvena Zvezda «»

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