UEFA has punished Dynamo during the tournament, the Europa League with a closed fan tribune

UEFA has punished Dynamo during the tournament, the Europa League with a closed fan tribune

MOSCOW, August fifteen.(Corr. Artem Kalinin). The Union of European football associations (UEFA) has punished Moscow «Dynamo» home tournament play-off round of qualifications for the Europa League with Cyprus «Omonia» with a closed fan podium due to the racist cries of the fans of the Russian team. About it informs the official Internet-portal of UEFA.
UEFA punished the blue and white for the conduct of the club’s fans in the home match of the third qualifying round of the Europa League with the Israeli «Hapoel Kiryat Shmona). The meeting ended with the score 1: 1, in response Dynamo won away — 2: 1.
«The reason for disqualification were incidents of racist chants and Nazi greetings,» said the journalist in the press service of UEFA.
During the tournament home «Dynamo» with «Omonia», which will be held on August 28, on the suburban Arena-Khimki», will be closed sector D2.
How would punish Russian clubs
the first time the Russian club was punished by the match without fans in 2005. Then in the home match of the UEFA Cup semi-finals on may 5 between CSKA and Italian Parma (3: 0) one of the fans threw on the field a firecracker and got Into the goalie Italian team Luke Bucci. The goalkeeper got injured and could not continue the match. This episode UEFA made CSKA Punishment in the form of a two-match disqualification home stands. The second match was assigned probation, And 1st — real. 16 September 2005 CSKA held the UEFA Cup match with the Danish «Methylindol» without spectators.
Army fans Once again caught in the area of attention of the disciplinary bodies of UEFA. In 2006, fans of CSKA rioted at an away match of the qualifying tournament with Slovak «RuЕѕomberok» (2: 0). But Then the club escaped with only a fine.
However, in the last season of punishment was much more severe. After the tournament the 3rd round of the group stage in group D, in which the army team on their field lost to Manchester city (1: 2), broke the embarrassment of the racist cries of fans in the address African-American opponent Yaya TourГ©. In the end, UEFA decided CSKA to spend the next home match of the tournament with a closed fan tribune. The punishment had to meet the 5th round with the Munich «Bavaria» (1: 3).
Also CSKA is expected to hold in the next season one game in an empty stadium. So, the club was punished for the demonstration of his fans Nazi symbols During the tournament the last round of the Champions League with FC Viktoria-Plzen» on the road (1: 2).
Disqualification fan tribune was punished St. Petersburg «Zenith» for the unrest, organized by his fans on the last match of the group stage of the Champions League last season with «Austria», Vienna (1: 4). The punishment had for the 1st match of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund in February 2014 (0: 2).
twice a conditional Suspension of the stands was punished capital «Spartak». In the 1st time in 2007 for the violence with the participation of fans in red and white on the Europa League match with Sparta Prague (0: 0). And the Second case occurred in Eurocup season-201/11, when the end of 2010, fans of «Spartacus» was nearly ripped off the final match of the group stage of the Champions League in Slovakia with the local «illinoi» (2: 1)

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