The Zenit goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev: we got a tight Group in the Champions League

The Zenit goalkeeper Vyacheslav Malafeev: we got a tight Group in the Champions League
The group, which got Zenit in the Champions League, fairly smooth, and in every football match will be interesting. This opinion in an exclusive explanations told goalkeeper Petersburg club Vyacheslav Malafeev.
on Thursday in Monte Carlo was the draw for the group stage of the Champions League. According to its results «Zenith» was in group C, where they will hold a meeting With the Portuguese «Benfica», German «Bayer» and «Monaco».
«The group, which got Zenit, fairly smooth and very interesting,» said Malafeev.- To meet Benfica dreamed fallen into the» Zenith «of this team Ezekiel Garay and Axel Witsel, and their desire was fulfilled.» Bayer launched in the Bundesliga championship is already marked the fastest goal, and «Monaco», though, and looks At the present time is not so confident as at the beginning of the previous season, is a formidable force. Although the group, which got CSKA, our Quartet is not to compare».
According to Malafeev, all commands, which are expected to meet in the Champions League Zenit playing, and in their stadiums a good football atmosphere.» I had a chance to defend the gates of Zenit stadium Da Luz in Lisbon in the Champions League and play in Leverkusen in the winning team for the UEFA Cup, said Malafeev.- in Monte Carlo Zenit won the UEFA super Cup, beating Manchester United». All of these stadiums terrific atmosphere».
With a particular interest Goalkeeper Zenit waiting for the confrontation With the silver medalist of the championship of France.» The owner of the «Monaco» is a Russian businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev, which makes the game almost Derby, drew the attention Malafeev.- on the cГґte d’azur currently live many Russian citizens, and do not exclude that Zenit in the guest meeting will be additional fans. In General Zenit came across an interesting Group, and we will make every effort to get out of it in the playoffs».
1st match of group tournament of League Champions Zenit will play 16 September

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