The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen will play soccer with FC Sochi

The world chess champion Magnus Carlsen will play soccer with FC Sochi

8 November in Sochi will start the match for the title of world chess champion, which will meet the winner of the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen and Challenger Viswanathan Anand (India). Authorized both athletes nominated to the organizers of the competition specific requirements. Athletes, it is important that hotels, where They will rest, was near the venue of the tournament and had all the opportunities for active sports. As for the champion of the world, which is a passionate football fan, then it is very important that nearby was a football field. Sparring partners team Carlsen will be the players «Sochi».
«Recently I went on a Authorized organizational Committee of the chess tournament in Sochi is of great interest,» said the head of the Sochi football club. They asked, had No opportunity would my players to play a few matches against Carlsen. I responded to this proposal by consent. Now waiting for a call the particular football coach the players to understand whom to release against his team.
The head of the team suggested That in these friendlies will be reservists «Sochi».» Everything will be depending on how powerful the opponent wants to play our guests, » continued the interlocutor TASS.- His word has to say and new head coach Sergei gurlukovich, which will start operating already since 2 November».
Carlo said That he and his players would be interesting to play with Carlsen chess master that he is.» We imposed will Not. But if Magnus will offer us a simultaneous game, we will be very happy,» concluded Carlo

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