The team doctor of the Russian Federation: the players must be trained in first aid

The team doctor of the Russian Federation: the players must be trained in first aid
The situation is similar to the injury of the player in football «torpedo» Vadim Steklov in the first round of the Russian championship With CSKA (1: 4), refer to first aid, which should be fast and urgent, because the time is seconds. This opinion in the talk With the reporter was expressed by the team Doctor of the Russian Federation Eduard Bezuglov.
at the end of the tournament CSKA — torpedo Vadim Steklov received a painful kick in the head at the junction With the player’s opponents Georgi Milanovi, then collapsed on the grass unconscious, and he touched the tongue in the throat. Due to the timely intervention of doctors player managed to save, to bring in feelings, and he left the stadium in an ambulance. At the moment the player is placed in a hospital in the 1st city hospital capital of Russia, he has been diagnosed with a concussion, but suspected traumatic brain injury was not confirmed.
«the most Important thing in this situation is important playfulness of action,» said Bezuglov.- In General, doctors are not allowed to appear on the field without the approval of the chief referee, but in this case, If you see That there is a Danger the life of the player, then the Doctor may run out on the field and without waving judges, When the game will be stopped. Then the algorithm of subsequent actions. The first is When he ran to the player, we should find out, in the mind whether it is or not. If he is unconscious, determines whether the player breathes or not. In this case, the Steklov lay unconscious, because, As he said, he touched the language, and were obstacles to breath. In this position, the doctors, knowing That the person is unconscious and not breathing, the most Important thing is to free the airway from foreign bodies, in this case, language. This person should be put on the side, push with one hand on the forehead, And another on the chin to open the jaw and get the language. As soon as we got the language, you need to make sure That the person is breathing. When breathing resumes, we can assume That the threat has passed, it remains to be seen When the victim regained consciousness. The main thing — that man was left lying on its side, on the other, If it be put on the back, then the language again can catch».
According to Bezuglova, All actions of the doctors in providing care in these provisions are required to take the most a minimum of time, because the account is not even for a minute, And seconds.
«from the time When the injury was discovered and to assist must pass the minimum number of time — said the expert.- in this case, That the Steklov lost consciousness and is not breathing, first noticed the players» torpedo», And not the doctors. After they have focused on torpedovtsa Doctor CSKA Kerimov. Here the seconds count to 10 seconds, fifteen. As soon As possible to restore breathing, because breathing people will not last long. As for on duty at the match ambulance crews, they too can be connected to a similar episode, Which was done in the end, but we should not waste time. So first to help the player come the doctors team. Although, the idea is that such skills must be trained in All, just the players. All of these actions, which we have described, relate to pre-hospital, first-aid «»

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