The role of the Russian players in the Zenith gradually comes to naught, says expert

The role of the Russian players in the Zenith gradually comes to naught, says expert
In the St. Petersburg club of the Russian football Premier League (RFPL) Zenit brighter appreciable rate on foreign players that are superior in Russian charisma — both on the field and beyond. This opinion in a telephone conversation with the journalist expressed his former football player blue-white-blue Alexey Igonin.
in the first three rounds of the championship of Russia, where Zenit scored the maximum number of points, the team’s head coach Andre Villas-Boas was released in the starting line-the minimum number of Russian players, provided for by the regulations, or four. Each time they were goalkeeper Yuri Lodygin, the defending Player Igor Smolnikov and Midfielders Victor Fayzulin and Oleg Shatov. Three citizens of Russia came out on the field to replace: forwards Andrei Arshavin (spent a total difficulties 13 minutes) and Alexander Kerzhakov (64) And midfielder Alexander Ryazantsev (89).
in 2 matches of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League with the Cyprus Elam, where the limit on foreign players was not Portuguese tactician also used the Russian players: in the first match (0: 1) from the first three minutes left in the 2nd (3: 0) — four.
«Yes, the rate for foreigners noticeable, and this trend is seen more and more,» said Igonin.- Current Russian players gradually taper off, young players are not visible. In the future all will go To the fact that, like many other clubs, citizens of foreign countries will come to the fore».
One’s capacity for being a part of the Russian players a little bit, believes Igonin.» in addition to the potential need understanding and trust in the coach. In addition, the charism of the legionaries — both on the field and outside of it — huge. Russian players are very them inferior».
the head of the Department also clarified the dependence of the commands from the attacker Salomon RondГіn, on account of which 4 goals in three games of the championship.» RondГіn, at 1st glance, it seems quite dim player, scored easy goals. But it differs periodically. The team immediately cause trouble if he fails to score. And the fact that Zenit can skip from any enemy, know perfectly well,» said Igonin.
«Kerzhakov the fact that it requires the coach does: takes balls, gives rest to RondГіn, believes Igonin.- But, unfortunately, At the present time it is required only that».
in Wednesday’s game in the third round of the championship with Yekaterinburg Ural» (2: 1) Zenit first opened an account, but then allowed the opponent to win.» I was afraid of this match, and they came true. Still, «Urals» coach more experienced. Moreover, the «Zenith», as often it happens in the League, is not played at 100 % from the perspective of emotions. Apparently, a lot of emotions left in the previous games,» says the Igonin.
in the fourth round of the championship of the St. Petersburg club will take in his field «Ufa». The meeting will be held on August 16

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