The problem with Zenith that Russian players are on the sidelines, says expert

The problem with Zenith that Russian players are on the sidelines, says expert
The main problem in the current game «Zenith» is that the undisputed leaders of the team are foreign players, and the citizens of Russia are on the sidelines. This opinion in the talk with the reporter expressed a former midfielder of the St. Petersburg club Alexey little bustards, speaking about the upcoming second leg of the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League against Cyprus Aela.
in the first match AYOL won on its home field victory with the score 1: 0. The return match will be held August 6 in St. Petersburg and will start at 20: 00 GMT.
«without a doubt, in the first match Zenit is very lucky,» said little bustards.- But we must pay tribute to the players Aela, They withstood the onslaught of» Zenit», used their own chance and defended the gates of privacy. 1: 0 is a good result for a trip to St. Petersburg. After this meeting on «Zenith «was just collapsed shaft opponents in the media, remembered All the other failures in the international arena, tried to withdraw from this system. But nobody noticed that» Zenit «At the present time — literally the other team. I’m not going to take into account the match in Tula, there’s just another case, But it’s evident that their new star team, which only gained momentum. The problems seen in the middle of the field and the flaws in the defense, of course, who leads the game of» Zenit». This Hulk, RondГіn, Danny, Axel Witsel, is also an excellent match in Tula spent Domenico criscito. All those leaders Zenit, which we hope, and we’ll hope that the house, as they will not pass from Aela, and will achieve the desired result for output in the next qualifying round of the Champions League».
reviews Strepetova, Russian Zenit players moved the team into the background, losing the championship to the Legionnaires.» and in truth, currently have most to say about the Legionnaires, as the leaders of «Zenit» — said the expert.- Russian players have serious issues. Alexander Kerzhakov tries, But he is far from his best form. Andrei Arshavin in practice, we do not see on the field. Remembered for playing for the national team of Russia Oleg Shatov and Viktor Fayzulin, But I wish They were more active in the «Zenith», I have tried to take on their own shoulders the responsibility and suggestions. They must understand that the status of the national team players obligates, and not to be just a shell carriers for the Hulk or RondГіn. I think, that Russian players are required to be leaders in the attack and solve issues.»

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