The players of the national teams of Austria And Sweden will meet in the qualifying match of the European-2016

The players of the national teams of Austria And Sweden will meet in the qualifying match of the European-2016
Team Austria And Sweden — rivals the national team of Russia in the qualifying tournament of European football championship in 2016, which will be held in France will play in the first round of qualification.
Team Austria is a 40-th place in the August chart international Federation of football Association ( FIFA), the Swedes are on the 29-th row.
It was the Swedes will be the main opponents in the national team of Russia in the qualifying group G. However, a simplified qualification for Euro 2016 (now in the final stage directly includes the top two teams from each qualifying group, and not one, as previously) will reduce the degree of rivalry And will allow favorites to solve their problems, not looking each of a loved one. And if the citizens of Russia will start in selecting the match with a lousy team of Liechtenstein, the Swedes had to go to Austria, whose Team will also try to qualify for the European championship, in which the Austrians participated only once in 2008, when couple with the Swiss were his hosts.
The Swedes, on the contrary, since its first participation in the European championship (they are like the masters tournament came at Euro 1992) of the following six conceded only one in 1996. Regular experience in big tournaments makes Swedish team favorite tournament. In addition, the leader of Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic is in great shape. Leading Austrian footballer team David Alaba from Bayern Munich is also very good player, but, in contrast, from Ibrahimovic, has no ability to decide the fate of the tournament with a single touch. Maybe the Austrians will help filled the stadium named Ernst Happel. By Sunday for the match Austria — Sweden has implemented about 49 thousand tickets.
in another match of group G in Podgorica Team of Montenegro accepted the command of Moldova. On the first day of the week in-person meeting will be to identify the winner of the favorites of group E teams of Switzerland And England. Both teams played at the world Cup in Brazil, but not only for this reason, they are the favorites in their qualifying group. Against the Swiss And the British team Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania And San Marino, and therefore no questions from qualification to the final of Euro 2016 neither those nor the other can not arise. Full meeting will be a good test of strength for each team, and will provide an opportunity to identify issues on which the main coaches are expected to work in the next year and a half.
in group E Team Estonia will Slovenes, and the Team of Lithuania will travel to San Marino.
The current European Champions Spain got quite a checkpoint group. Starts qualifying tournament favorite group C home match with a team of Macedonia. The main rivals of the Spaniards in the first round will play each other in Kiev, the Ukrainian Team will Slovaks. The team of Belarus will travel to Luxembourg. The charges Georgi Kondratyev has all the chances to fight for second or third place And for the first time in history to get into the final stage of the championship of Europe

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