The players of Dinamo won Krasnodar in the championship game of Russia

The players of Dinamo won Krasnodar in the championship game of Russia
The Dynamo defeated the «Krasnodar» in the game of the sixth round of the championship of Russia. Meeting in Krasnodar at the Kuban stadium ended with the score 2: 0 in favor of the Moscow club.
on the last night of the summer on the field in Krasnodar met the teams that will represent the Russian Federation in the main draw of the Europa League. In prosesi Thursday four Russian club struggled in the play-off round of qualifications LES, but only half of them were lucky. Dynamo at the last moment managed to snatch a narrow win in the confrontation with Cyprus «Omonia» (2: 1), while Krasnodar overcame a decisive barrier qualification much more comfortable, very nicely beating in his field Grozny «real Sociedad» (3: 0). Let the success of «Dynamo» on the background of the way «Krasnodar» did not look so triumphant, but in the end the blue and white has managed to achieve much more than, for example, «locomotive», which managed houses devastating to one another Cypriot club — «Apollo» (1: 4).
anyway, to the regular confrontation between the rivals approached approximately equal and are far from optimal physical condition.
The residents acted against Dynamo the first room and tried to hit them as the Spaniards three days Earlier, but the blue and white turned out to be much more complex and sophisticated opponent and still achieved victory. In the 35th minute the score was opened by a beautiful free-kick on Mattie Valbuena and in the Beginning of the second half in the 49th minute — Christian Noboa doubled the advantage for guests. This Dynamo finished the Match in the minority once off for two yellow cards was removed Artur Yusupov.
Valbuena in the game with the «Krasnodar» opened his score goals in the championship of Russia. Previously he had only scoring passes. Also, this ball was the second missed in the Premier League for the «bulls» and the first for their goalkeeper Andrey Sinitsyn this season. Before Sinitsyn held two «dry» tournament «Rostov» (2: 0) and «torpedo» (3: 0), also in the game with Rostov hit two penalties.
because of this victory Dynamo took the lead in their own face-to-face confrontation with the «Krasnodar». Before the teams played against each loved one six matches in the championship of Russia, and there are full equality (2 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats).
Defeat by Dynamo became the first in the current season of the championship of Russia for Krasnodar, which began with three victories and 2 draws (best start of the «bulls» in the Premier League). Now the League has only two teams, until not known the bitterness of defeat this season is «Zenith» and «Kuban».
Also «Krasnodar» at no time in the current season Before the reporting of the tournament missed two goals. Before «black-green» conceded only once in five matches, the game of the second round of «Urals» (1: 1).
The third «dry» Match this season, spent 40 years of the Dynamo goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky. Prior to that, he managed to keep his goal in the privacy of games with the «Ufa» (2: 0) and «Ural» (2: 0).
The match against «Dynamo» was 117 m for the Brazilian midfielder, Joaozinho in the framework of the national Championships. On this indicator, it is the absolute champion of the club.
in the upcoming round of «Dynamo» on September 13, will play in St. Petersburg with the local «Zenit», and «Krasnodar» a day later to take in his field «Ufa «»

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