The players of CSKA won a 13th consecutive victory in the Czech Republic, Which was a new record for the tournament

The players of CSKA won a 13th consecutive victory in the Czech Republic, Which was a new record for the tournament
The players of CSKA beat Grozny «Terek» in the game of the 3rd round of the championship of Russia, won a 13th victory in a row and setting a new record for the Russian championship. Meeting in Khimki ended with the score 1: 0.
The second home match of the following season did not cause a stir among the fans of CSKA, as the first Meeting with the Moscow «torpedo» (4: 1). It is quite natural That Moscow Derby, but still a Day paratrooper, was better off on developments around the field, rather than the match against Terek. Before reporting a meeting of law enforcement agencies did not even bother to block the movement of vehicles on the street that runs along Cass «Arena Khimki», which is still in the memory of the journalist did not happen.
in the end the fans in the stands were significantly lower and passion are not as high as August 2, when the match was accompanied by fight fans and in Front of the entrance to the stadium, and specifically in the stands During the game. During the reporting meeting CSKA fans have noted obscene chants in the address of one of the coaches on his team, unloved by them in the past goalie «Locomotive» and the national team of the Russian Federation Sergey Ovchinnikov, as well as opening banner in the address Kirill Panchenko, who in the first round scored own 1st ball for CSKA. Fans congratulated the midfielder with the initiative and wished Him to continue scoring exploits in the Derby against Spartak on August 17.
during the break of the tournament took place the official Presentation of the former player of FC Rubin Kazan Bipasa Natho in the form of beginner CSKA. Israeli midfielder joined the army on the rights of a free agent and signed with the club four-year contract, entered the field to the applause of the audience in a t-shirt with a 66-m number. He was awarded the scarf CSKA, as well as two goals on which he left his own autograph, and then sent the shells on the side of the rostrum.
The meeting finally ended with the victory of soldiers, which they brought a good blow another 4th minute of the Serbian midfielder Zoran Tosic.
This victory was For CSKA 13th in a row in the championship of Russia (10 wins team won at the finish of the previous season), a new absolute record of the tournament. Previous record of 12 wins in a row — also belonged to the army, who established it in 1998 under the direction of Oleg Dolmatov.
This confrontation became CSKA and «Terek» 15-m in the framework of the national championship, and ended it the 10th victory of the army in face-to-face meetings with 2 draws and three defeats (goal difference 28-12).
For of Zoran Tosic this match was 106-m in the championship of Russia for CSKA, and ball — 26-m in the framework of the tournament.
«Terek» at the start of the new season while going down. In the first round Groznensky defeated Amkar (4: 0), In the 2nd — played draw with «ruby» (1: 1), and 3-m — suffered the first season defeat.
in the fourth round CSKA assumes Derby with the principal rival of Moscow «Spartak». The meeting will be held at the Arena Khimki» on Sunday, August 17, and will start at 13: 30.» Terek «in the upcoming round of 18 August at home to take the» Mordovia».
explanations after the tournament
CSKA head coach Leonid Slutsky: «Too much energy and health took the game with «Mordovia» in severe conditions and do not have enough time to recover and looked not the best way to move, » said Slutsky.- Well, That game was such. How Igor Akinfeev saved us in the end, reverent of individual words of praise. As long as it is not clear how left Doumbia, but he will miss the Derby. What happened to him? Doumbia felt pain in the back of the thigh. An accurate diagnosis will be later «»

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