The player of national team of Azerbaijan Javadov: came to win the national team of Russia on football

The player of national team of Azerbaijan Javadov: came to win the national team of Russia on football
Striker Azerbaijani football team and a former Player of CSKA Moscow Vagif Javadov considers the lack of concentration is one of the issues of the Russian team. About this Player has told in conversation with the journalist.
«without a doubt, the matches between the two teams is very principled. In sporting terms it is important for us to prove the Russian team that we are a good team. Each of the national team players have a chance to prove themselves. We came to this game with the idea to win,» Javadov said.
Player of the Azerbaijani team has identified one of the main issues of the national team of the Russian Federation and assessed the performance of the competitors at the world Cup in Brazil.» of course, the world Cup, I was rooting for the Russian national team. The fact that your team didn’t advance from the group, speaks about the Fact that in football there are almost no weak opponents. I Think that in the game against Algeria national team of the Russian Federation had to win, but she lacked concentration. The same thing happened in the game our team in October of last year,» said the player.
Also Javadov told about the purpose of the Azerbaijani national team for the upcoming qualifying tournament for the European Championships in 2016.» Before our team was tasked with getting to the championship. I think that We will be able to do it, If we try to play our game. At the head of our team is a good specialist (Berti Vogts.- ), with whom We already work. If we follow his mindset, anything can happen,» added Javadov.
on Wednesday, team Russia will play a friendly match with the team of Azerbaijan. The meeting will take place at the stadium «arena Khimki «(beginning — 19. 00 GMT). September 8 game qualifying round of European championship 2016 in Khimki team Russia will play against Liechtenstein

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