The people’s choice Ananskih: the limit on foreign players in the Czech Republic football for two or three years has the ability to be tightened

The people's choice Ananskih: the limit on foreign players in the Czech Republic football for two or three years has the ability to be tightened
The limit on foreign players in the championship of Russia on football at the time of preparing the country for the world Cup 2018 is able to be tightened up to five. About It in conversation with the journalist said the head of the state Duma on physical culture and sport Igor Ananskih.
in the near future the government of the Russian Federation is obliged to find out the procedure for making foreign athletes and experts in sports and games. According to the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, the relevant draft law is ready and will soon be submitted to the state Duma, which will determine the procedure and will give a range of options to set for each sport the limit of foreign labour.
«This is an important issue for the development of Russian sports. In its decision, it is important to keep the right balance, to be able to invite foreigners in those sports where we do not have enough strong players to help our youth faster to increase the skill. The most obvious example is football,» said Ananskih.
now the clubs in the Russian Premier League in official matches have the opportunity to produce on the field at the same time not more than seven foreigners.
«in 2018, Russia will host the world Cup, and we all expressed interest in the fact that our main team played well. As long as the numbers too early to say, but, in my opinion, the number of foreign players that would go on the field from one club, can be reduced to five. If for a short period of time, for example two to three years. This will give the opportunity for young players to get needed for performances at a high level of experience,» he added.
for consideration of the state Duma of the legislation will be introduced in the autumn and, perhaps, in the final reading will be adopted in spring, when it will pass its agreement with the sports community. It is planned that for each sport will operate its own limit on foreign players.
The RF law «On introducing changes into the Law» On physical culture and sports in the Russian Federation «and the Federal Law» On legal status of foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation «is now under discussion. According to him, the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation will be entitled to representation rules that establish limits on attracting foreign athletes who are not eligible to play for the sports teams of the Russian Federation, to participate in the all-Russian sports competitions in team sports.
MST may set to the» Legionnaires «additional criteria, including the qualifications of those athletes, age, period of residence in the Russian Federation, the implementation period of the sports training athletes in the Russian Federation, the results achieved by the athlete on the results of his performances for Russian clubs. Sports organizations and sports federations who have violated this law, shall bear administrative liability for non-compliance regarding foreign Citizens, stateless persons and foreign organizations restrictions on the realization of certain activities.
The proposed bill, the mechanism of regulation of foreign athletes, coaches and other experts on winter and summer sports for their employment in the Russian Federation will give the opportunity to improve the quality of training of Russian athletes in team sports for national teams

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