The Paris Prosecutor’s office opened a Case against the player in football Brandao, who broke his nose Tiago Motta

The Paris Prosecutor's office opened a Case against the player in football Brandao, who broke his nose Tiago Motta
The Paris Prosecutor’s office started a preliminary investigation on the case of the player in football «Bastia» Brandao, which caused injury to a player of team Paris Saint-Germain FC Tiago Motta. About it has informed on Tuesday, the AFP news Agency.
The case against Brandao initiated on the fact of «intentional violence» committed intentionally and in the area of sports complex. The last 2 fact, say the investigators, are aggravating circumstance. Today, the Workers of the Paris judicial police as a witness was questioned Tiago Motta, which in this situation was not affected.
Brandao found myself in the center of a scandal in the first day of the weekend, when immediately After the tournament of the championship of France in Paris, which ended with the victory PSG 2: 0, he attacked a player of the opposing team. The accident happened in the room under the stands when the players went to their locker rooms. Brandao waited until the past it will Motta, and suddenly smacked his head on the face. The player then «Bastia» immediately made a hasty retreat, not having to get a retaliatory strike. As a result, physicians diagnosed Motta a broken nose.
After the incident, coach «Bastia» Claude Makelele excommunicated Brandao from training. Along with this officially Corsican team until not declared his intention to apply to your player any punitive measures.» The management, staff and players of the club does not in any way replace the instance, which is entitled to apply sports punishment», — reported in the report «Bastia». At the same time emphasizes that the football club is without a doubt condemns the behavior of the Brazilian player against the opponent.
The controversial case involved the disciplinary Committee of the French football League. Under current regulations, for the same offense, the player may face disqualification for a term up to 2 years

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