The owner of Newcastle deprived workers of free tickets to football games

The owner of Newcastle deprived workers of free tickets to football games
The owner of the English football Newcastle Mike Ashley has deprived workers of the club the right to conduct free on matches their relatives and friends. This decision was made in the framework announced in the club before the current season of austerity.
In recent years senior employees «Newcastle» was given four free tickets to the VIP-zone, and the technical personnel of lower rank — two. This practice is widespread in club football and seen As a sign of respect for the leadership to rank and file employees.
It is noted that in the list of disfranchised were even such a key for Newcastle figures As assistant head coach John Carver and Steve stone, as well as goalkeeping coach Andy Woodman. All of them declared that if their relatives», and then want to visit the matches of the team, they are required to purchase tickets on a common basis».
Reports from club information, most of the staff welcomed the decision of Ashley with indignation. The fact that certain Employees working in Newcastle for more than 30 years, but until now not have the ability to boast the highest wages. Free access to the matches for them and their families was one of the few bonuses and «the true joy in life,» according to local media.
in protest, the staff has not accepted the proposed guidance tickets for Sunday’s friendly match against the Spanish «real Sociedad». That was the last time when Workers could get a game for his club for free.
According to the printed edition of the Daily Star, the decision Ashley will give the opportunity to Newcastle save around ?5 thousand a week. While the annual turnover of the club is ?100 million

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