The national team of Russia on football defeated the team of Azerbaijan in a friendly match

The national team of Russia on football defeated the team of Azerbaijan in a friendly match
The players of the national team of Russia won a major victory over the team of Azerbaijan in a friendly match. The meeting, which was held at the Moscow stadium «arena Khimki», ended with the score 4: 0.
1st Match after the 2014 world Cup
The match against Azerbaijan became the national team of Russia after the first world Cup, held in Brazil in the summer. At the world championship, the Russian Team performed poorly, failing to qualify From the group. At the September meeting Capello chose to call 25 players. Of the 23 players who played at the tournament in Brazil, in the present composition were 16. Defenders Alexei Kozlov and Georgy Schennikov and midfielder Igor Denisov heal injured. The defending player Andrey Eschenko and midfielder Pavel Mogilevets were included in advanced composition, but were Not included in the Final. Goalkeeper Sergei Ryzhikov and midfielder Yuri Zhirkov challenge this time is Not received.
were again summoned to the national team participated in the world championship forwards Artem Dzyuba and Denis Cheryshev, the defending Player Kirill Nababkin and Igor Smolnikov. The chance to make his debut From the national team received the goalkeeper Artem Rebrov, midfielder Yuri Gaza and forward Dmitri Poloz, as well as defending Player Sergei Parshivlyuk and midfielder Magomed Ozdoev, who had been summoned on charges, but in official meetings did Not participate. Dzyuba missed a meeting with Azeri because of illness, but the best scorer of the championship of Russia still has the Chance to play with a team of Liechtenstein in case a speedy recovery.
for the First time on the bench during the tournament Together with Fabio Capello was Igor Simutenkov and Sergei Semak, who joined the coaching staff of the Italian in the late summer. In comparison with the world championship Of the staff were withdrawn Alexander Meselik who acted as interpreter Capello, and 77-year-old assistant Italo Galbiati.
Capello did Not change the usual pattern
Before the beginning of a new qualifying Capello did Not change the already existing schema with one pure striker. Alexander Kerzhakov supported in the center — Denis Glushakov (reference area), Alan Dzagoev (left) and Oleg Shatov (to the right) and two wingers Denis Cheryshev (left) and Dmitry Snake (right). Not to change the alignment and in the 2nd half, when the Italian coach has made a few substitutions. Snake and Sergei Parshivlyuk, who came on as a substitute in the 2nd half, held the first matches for the national team.
Record Kerzhakov
1st goal Kerzhakov has allowed the attacker to come up with 27 balls to clear first place in the list of the best scorers in the national team of Russia, ahead of Vladimir Beschastnykh (26 goals), and on the net third place in the list of the best scorers in the team’s history, if we take into account the times of the USSR. The second goal allowed the striker Zenit St. Petersburg to close in the list to Oleg Protasov (29) and Oleg Blokhin (42), who, like Valentin Ivanov (26) and Beschastnykh already finished his playing career. Kerzhakov made his debut From the national team on March 27, 2002 in the game with Estonia (1: 2), and 1st goal for it scored in the fifth game on 22 August of the same year, in the meeting with the Swedes (1: 1). Doubles before the tournament with Azerbaijanis striker Of the team designed three times and one time he scored a hat-trick. Just on account 31-year old player 85 meetings in the national team, with which he participated in 2 world cups and 2 European Championships.
101st Match Ignashevich
the 2nd hundred matches for the national team changed the 35-year-old infielder Sergei Ignashevich. As of the record player of CSKA Moscow is second only to Oleg Blokhin (112) and Viktor Onopko (113). Scored the ball became the sixth team. The final score was established Vladimir Granat, which for the First time scored for the national team, after 6 games for the team.
National team First played on the suburban Arena-Khimki», built in 2008. After five days, the Team Fabio Capello on the current Scene starts in the qualifying round of European championship 2016 the match against Liechtenstein.
The match became the 24th for the national team under the guidance of Fabio Capello, who works with the team since the summer of 2012.. the Team has since won 12 wins, 9 draws and three defeats and a goal difference 41-15. In friendlies Team under Capello played eleven times 6 wins and 5 draws with goal difference 19-7.
The meeting with the Azerbaijani national team became the team Fabio Capello last Before the qualifying match of the European championship in 2016. 1st qualifier for the European Championships, the Russian Team will hold 8 September against Liechtenstein. The game will take place at the Arena Khimki «»

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