The lawyer wants to sue the FIFA ?1 billion for the refereeing in the game 2014 world Cup Brazil — Colombia

The lawyer wants to sue the FIFA ?1 billion for the refereeing in the game 2014 world Cup Brazil - Colombia
Colombian lawyer Aurelio Jimenez wants to achieve from the international Federation of football Association (FIFA) payments ?1 billion in non-pecuniary damages for poor refereeing in the quarterfinal match of the 2014 FIFA world Cup match between Brazil and Colombia (2: 1). About this lawyer told the BBC.
The quarterfinal game catered to the Spanish team of judges led by Velasco Carballo, who, after the tournament was criticized by many experts.
«I felt very bad, was forcibly deprived of life grief. The rhythm of my heart was broken, because of what relatives took me to block the ambulance, drew the attention of the 74-year-old Jimenez.- I decided to apply for FIFA in the Colombian court, because at the last world Cup too many commands were injured from the actions of judges, and Colombia. For example, the actions of judges has caused suffering in Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, England, Mexico and Costa Rica. I have a testimony of the stars of football: Pele, Maradona, David Pockmarks, Jamesa Rodriguez (goalkeeper and midfielder Colombia, respectively.- Approx.) and international judges, who investigated the match videos.
The chief arbiter of the tournament, for example, was reproached for too favourable attitude to the players, despite the numerous violations. On unreliable data, in that meeting, it was admitted the highest number of fouls in the entire tournament. So, the famous British referee Graham poll said Carballo lost the game thread. Also, according to Jimenez, the referee unfairly canceled goal Colombian striker Mario YГ©pes.
in the case of satisfaction of the claim, the lawyer promised to give money to the needs of Colombian children

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