The judge is not awarded a penalty in the game Kuban — Lokomotiv, says expert

The judge is not awarded a penalty in the game Kuban - Lokomotiv, says expert
Referee Vladislav Bezborodov true not had a penalty goal in «Kuban» in the end of the tournament the 5th round of the Czech Republic football Lokomotiv Moscow, but in injury time «lost the thread of the game.» About this journalist said the famous last Russian referee Sergey Khusainov.
on the 3rd added to the second half minute after hitting the ball striker railroad Lady H «in the Game hit the hand of the defender of the Krasnodar team Santana, who was in the penalty area. Bezborodov decided not to punish» Kuban «11-meter. In the» locomotive «lost 1: 2.
«Yes, it was,» said Khusainov.- But the penalty to appoint not followed, because the arm was in an unnatural position, and the player «Kuban» took no action to block the fire zone, to intercept the ball. The judge made a courageous decision».
in the 4th round Bezborodov he judged the match CSKA — Spartak(0: 1), wrongly punishing army command 11-meter, and at the end of the meeting removing the player in football CSKA Cyril Nababkin and players of» Spartak «Sergei Parshivlyuk.
«Unfortunately, a week ago, Bezborodov at the end of the tournament missed from the hands of the thread of the game. Again there were clashes between the players, Again there were a lot of cards. The judge, according to the level of international Federation of football Association (FIFA), is obliged to prevent such events,» said the expert.
«The outcome of most matches of Matchday 5 was predictable, for the judges they did not present serious difficulties. In these games, decisions calmly. Literally another thing is meeting equal and principal rivals, where is the true class of the referee,» said Khusainov

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