The head of the Russian Union of fans: punishment Dynamo surprising

The head of the Russian Union of fans: punishment Dynamo surprising
Fans of «Dynamo» behaved very correctly in the home match of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League with the Israeli «Hapoel» (1: 1), on 31 July, for this reason, the decision of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) on disqualification fan sector blue-white in the next game with Cyprus «Omonia» only causes surprise. This opinion in the talk with the reporter was expressed by the head of the Russian Union of fans (PSA), a famous supporter of the Moscow club Alexander Spragin.
on the last working day of the week and disciplinary body of UEFA issued a report on the closure of sector D-2 stadium «arena Khimki» game of the play-off round of the Europa League qualifiers with «Omonia» because of the demonstration in this sector Nazi greeting in the game with the «Hapoel» from Kiryat Shmona.
«I was at that match, And watched not only on the field But also on the Podium,» said Spragin.- And have the opportunity to say that in this game, And in General this season, the Dynamo supporters showed their best side. The tribune supported the players bright with desire, But the most of properly And not damage the club.» Dynamo held, subject to the Europa League matches, 3 home tournament, And during all that time it was possible to identify only one violation obscene chant in the Derby against Spartak, But in games such a level as not to leave. In the game with the «Hapoel» support was almost perfect. All grandstand dressed in blue And from the first minute drove the team forward, without the use of pyrotechnics And other illicit drugs. I really have not seen or heard nothing that could fall under the punishment, for this reason, today’s news made me wonder».
reviews Spriggina, and disciplinary body of UEFA grabbed some isolated incident.» I’m not going to argue that the charges UEFA unfounded, » said the functionary.- most likely, they have some facts And confirmation of illegal actions, differently they would simply not made that decision. But here the story is about a single episode When the part is literally a small number of persons. UEFA is a hard battle with racism, that’s right, But sometimes this struggle comes to an absurdity. I was telling example of how one of the members of the organization of the SPOTLIGHT, which will carry on the battle with racist phenomena, Euro 2012, before the match against Poland wished to reject a large canvas with flag And coat of arms of Russia, Because on the arms of St. George kills the snake, painted black. When will you see racism everywhere, for this reason, the Dynamo fans should not be upset. It is good that it was decided to disqualify only one sector and not the entire fan tribune. Although this sector bring together the most active fans of the blue and white, so the club will still lose support on the match against Omonia.
Also Spragin said that the supporters club «Dynamo «we need to actively work with the audience UEFA matches that such cases are not repeated.» Responsible for team fans, and fan club» Dynamo «we need to draw the right conclusions from this story,» said the Head of PSA.- In the future, the officials had nothing to fault. Need to work more closely with fans regarding what is allowed or not exactly at European matches. To produce an appropriate reminder. Because the matches of the championship, I can’t even imagine such provisions To any minimum episode as if racism would be the reason for such redemption. In this case, I can only sympathize with his home team And wish that this episode was hit by the attitude of the fans of» Dynamo» made in the next season is a big step forward in terms of supporting players. The club is obliged to consider this circumstances with lawyers And appeal the decision of the UEFA».
Match of the play-off round of the Europa League between «Dynamo «And «Omonia» will be held at the Arena Khimki» on Thursday, August 21. The return game will take place on August 28 in Cyprus Nicosia

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