The head of the organization Telesport : payment of the contract Fabio Capello is the prerogative of the RFU

The head of the organization Telesport : payment of the contract Fabio Capello is the prerogative of the RFU
Commercial partner of the Russian football Union (RFU) Firm» Telesport «there is No obligation on the remuneration of the chief national coach Fabio Capello. About It in an interview to the correspondents said the Head of» Telesport «Peter Makarenko.
at the end of summer, That the salaries of members of the coaching And administrative staff of the national team of the Russian Federation, for example, head coach Fabio Capello, was Not paid Within three months. In early autumn were repaid debt owed to members of the coaching And administrative staff, in addition to Fabio Capello, And Oreste Cinquini, who is the General Manager of the team., That debt before Capello connected» With the approval procedure of the target source of payment of the contract «Italian expert,» which involved the management of the RFU, the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation And commercial partner of the RFU CJSC «Telesport» in the person of Peter Makarenko».
«I have a contract With the RFU,» said Makarenko.- The money that we earn, We sent to the RFU. They RFU does is unknown to me. Any contract in which I was obliged to pay wages Capello or don’t know, shoeshine players, I havent. I have no obligations to RFU From the perspective of how to apply the Money that our Company lists them».
«You know, I sometimes had dinner With Capello, — noted the head of «Telesport».- sometimes he pays for dinner, sometimes Ya This is my sponsorship Capello And limited. Someone wrote That (Leonid) Fedun (owner of «Spartak».- Approx.) sponsored by Capello. Someone else writes something. This is all speculation. There’s nothing to it. And I don’t I sponsor — in addition to these dinners. I know the same as you — That the last salary he received in may. I repeat: salary Capello Is Not My obligation. Don’t I owe him pay».
«Payment of the contract Capello Is the prerogative of the RFU, who is absolutely independent in decision making. In RFU know What to do — who to pay And who not,» drew attention Makarenko.
The firm «Telesport «organize friendly matches of national team of Russia, attracting sponsors for the RFU, advertising sales at the games of the national team.» We implement the entire set of assets of the RFU,» said Makarenko.
Interviewee told That participated in the invitation Capello in the Russian national team, «but only From an organizational point of view.» We called And they agreed That he will come to the dialogues. That’s all,» said the Head of «Telesport».
«There was a funny situation, caught the attention of the leader of Telesport».- The press wrote That the Russian Federation coaches went jamb. If the doors of the House of football was knocking. And by and large search head coach, No one did. Yes And no one is the head of the RFU (Sergei Fursenko.- Approx.) resigned. With Capello eventually talked Nikita Simonyan (first Vice-President of the RFU.- Approx.). My options were limited by the fact That I just asked him if he was ready to come for a discussion about the opportunity to lead the national team of Russia.
Capello led the national team of Russia in the summer of 2012. Under the guidance of Italian Russian team reached the final of the world Cup in 2014, which failed to cross the group stage.
the contract Capello With the RFU designed to 2018

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