The head coach of Lokomotiv Leonid Kuchuk didn’t want to talk about his resignation

The head coach of Lokomotiv Leonid Kuchuk didn't want to talk about his resignation
The head coach of the Moscow football club «Lokomotiv» Leonid Kuchuk thanked the fans for their support and did Not want to talk about his possible resignation. About this Belarusian expert said at the postgame press conference.
on Sunday Zenit beat Lokomotiv (1: 0) in the game of the sixth round of the Czech Cup. St. Petersburg after this victory strengthened the leadership in the standings, «locomotive» is in eighth place.
first the media said about the fact that the head of the «Locomotive» Olga Smorodskaya after losing teams in the game of the qualifying play-off round of the Europa League from Cyprus «Apollo» (1: 4) said the Belarusian coach that he is obliged to leave the team either In real time or after the game against Zenit, which will be held on August 31. Kucuk chose the second option.
«Can’t talk about this (resignation). I will say just about the fans. Such support had never experienced. Grateful to them. It appears that I did something good. For this, I want to work. The fate of the coach may be different, to clarify I’m Not going to. I will say one thing -» Lokomotiv «- my team. Whatever they said, I live and work. Thank guys — the team we have a good, strong, solid».
Mentor railwaymen told about relationships with the President of the club.» Communicate and talked before the game, said Kucuk.- It supports me is Not in my competence. The head of the club can support.»

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