The former head of the RFU: UEFA’s position on the Crimean clubs is not hard

The former head of the RFU: UEFA's position on the Crimean clubs is not hard
The wording of the Declaration of the Union of European football associations (UEFA) indicates not the most tough position of your organization in relation to the Crimean clubs that started the speech in Russian competitions. This opinion in the talk with the journalist expressed the honorary head of the Russian football Union (RFU) Vyacheslav Koloskov.
on the last working day of the week, UEFA announced that it matches the Crimean teams under the auspices of the RFU will not be recognized by the organization.
«We are neither cold nor hot, caught the attention of spikelets.- These clubs not to play in European competition. The reaction can be more severe and could not be any. If they wanted to respond tougher, it was chosen a different wording. Then mention sanctions or exclusion of clubs. Published wording suits us».
«This signal should be regarded as very soft. UEFA makes it clear that at this stage, to intervene in the situation they don’t want,» he added spikelets, noting that the Vice-President of UEFA is Grigoriy Surkis, who previously headed the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU).
on 31 July the Bureau of the Executive Committee of the RFU approved the performance of the clubs from the Crimea and Sevastopol in the 2nd division championship, provided they complete the required certification procedures. On the last working day of the week, August 8, Vice-President of the RFU Nikita Simonyan after an emergency meeting of the Bureau said that the clubs have been vetted.
Crimean team August 12, made his debut in the Cup of Russia — in 1/256 final Sevastopol SCCF with the score 2: 0 beat Simferopol TJC, and Yalta «Pearl» with the score 0: 2 lost «Sochi», and then the head of the FFU Anatoly Konkov tried to convince FIFA and UEFA to apply punishment to the RFU

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