The former coach of Lokomotiv of Krasnozhan: removal of Kuchuk — illogical Solution manual

The former coach of Lokomotiv of Krasnozhan: removal of Kuchuk - illogical Solution manual
Dismissal from his post of head coach of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Leonid Kuchuk after seven rounds of the Czech Republic Football Cannot be called logical. This opinion with reporters said: held in St. Petersburg technical conference international Federation of football Association (FIFA), the Former coach of Lokomotiv, now the head coach of the Kazakhstan Yuriy Krasnozhan.
first it was announced that the club’s Manager Olga Smorodskaya excommunicated Kuchuk from working with the team. However, as the agent said the Belarusian specialist Alexander Tolstikov, written notice of the suspension from activities in the «Locomotive» the coach was not provided.
«The decision of the club Cannot be called logical,» said Krasnozhan.- Under the leadership of Kuchuk» locomotive «for the first time in recent years To the last round (last season.- Approx.) claimed victory in the championship of Russia. Analogies with the self-care of» Locomotive «think wrong».
Kucuk headed «locomotive» in July 2013. Under the leadership of the Belarusian specialist railwaymen took third place in the Russian League season 2013/14. Information about the removal of Kuchuk occurred shortly after a series of unsuccessful performances of railwaymen — estimativas bezvyigryshnaya series in all competitions and chetyrehmatchevaya in the national championship. For example, the team failed to reach the group stage of the Europa League after losing 2 meetings Cyprus «Apollo». In the table of national championship «locomotive» is after 7 rounds 9-th place with 9 points.
Krasnozhan glad my current work.» Kazakhstan is a dynamically developing country, — said the expert.- Football, including youth, special attention is paid, and this is the key to future success of the national team of Kazakhstan».
Interviewee expressed his opinion about the problem of naturalization players for the national team, relevant and in the Russian Federation.» in the national team of Kazakhstan play a few Russian and Ukrainian players who long ago came to Kazakhstan, drew the attention of Krasnozhan.- there are several guys moved Together with parents from Kazakhstan to Germany and speakers in the German championship. Cannot be considered naturalization means radically strengthen the team, but to refuse the services of such players don’t see the point. Although I do just for appearances for the national team not naturalizacijai».
the contract with the football Federation of Kazakhstan Krasnozhan signed on 7 February 2014. Prior to that, he was for 12 years he worked in «Spartak «(Nalchik), and on 13 December 2010 and June 4, 2011 in Moscow «Locomotive «»

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