The football team of the Russian Federation without issues must reach Euro 2016, says expert

The football team of the Russian Federation without issues must reach Euro 2016, says expert
Former head coach of Russian national football Boris Ignatiev believes that the main task of the coaching staff of the national team in the qualifying round of European championship 2016 is to build a competitive team. About This Ignatyev said the journalist on the phone.
on the first day of the week September 8, team Russia will start in the qualifying tournament of Euro 2016 home match against Liechtenstein at the stadium «arena Khimki». The qualifying tournament of European championship has changed: now not one, but two best teams from each qualifying group will go directly to the final stage. Besides lichtensteini, playing against team Russia team Sweden, Austria, Montenegro and Moldova.
«The new system of selection for the European Championships give the head coach a chance to try something right during the qualifying tournament,» said Ignatieff.- Some things that would be inadmissible In a more rigid system. You can see in beginners — there is such a specific scope. When we remember that for the most part in the qualification tournament for the Brazilian world Cup team of the Russian Federation felt calm. But what’s next? If no clear command of the game, no skills to speak at a serious level, It is all a deception. Solving the task of qualifying for the European championship, we have to think about how we will act in France. For this reason, in my opinion, the main task for today is to build an effective team, which is respectable will represent our country in the finals of a tournament.»

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