The football team of the Russian Federation match against Liechtenstein will start the selection for Euro 2016

The football team of the Russian Federation match against Liechtenstein will start the selection for Euro 2016
The national team of Russia on football in the first day of the week September 8, the match against Liechtenstein starts the qualifying tournament of the European championship, which will take place in the summer of 2016 In France.
Euro 2016 will be the first continental championship, which will take 24 teams (from 1996 to 2016 involved 16 teams). In addition, the French tournament may be the last Euro, held in one country. In 2020, the European championship matches in the form of the experiment will be held in several countries. And it is Possible that the Union of European football associations (UEFA), If the experiment is considered successful, will leave such a competition system in force.
Reformed was not only the final stage of the European championship, but the qualifying tournament. If previously in the final stage directly hit only nine winners of the qualifying groups, now trips to France guarantee yourself the teams that finished in the selection of the first And second spaces in groups. In addition, the Euro will go And the best of the teams who finished third, and the remaining eight will be divided into pairs, And in the play-offs will compete for the remaining four spots. It is not excluded, it will simplify the selection process And will reduce the competition for first place in the group, on the contrary, in practice, guarantee national team of the Russian Federation trip to Euro 2016.
The Russian team will kick off the qualifying tournament match with one of the outsiders of the group G, which will also play team Sweden, Austria, Montenegro And Moldova. The fight for the first two places May go between the national teams of Russia, Sweden, Montenegro And Austria, and at the same time, teams of Liechtenstein And Moldova is destined to become suppliers of points for favorites. However, in football sensation happen very often, and therefore the gun is not worth it. However the head coach of the Russian team Fabio Capello throughout his career he has proven that he knows how to achieve results. I may work with the teams (England And Russia), he was not able to successfully perform at major international tournaments, qualification he always overcame without question, leading England at the 2010 world Cup And Euro 2012, and citizens of Russia to the 2014 world Cup.
Before Capello has the difficult task of rebuilding the team And its rejuvenation as two years after the Euro In France in the Russian Federation world championship. The team leaders — Sergei Ignashevich, Vasili Berezutski, Igor Denisov, Roman Shirokov, Alexander Samadov, Alexander Kerzhakov — already over 30, And it is unlikely that they will bet on a home world Cup. For this reason, for the match against Liechtenstein prepare newcomers — Sergei Parshivlyuk, Magomed Ozdoev, Dmitri Poloz And returned to the team after injury Denis Cheryshev.
The game between Russia And Liechtenstein September 8 will be the fifth in the history of confrontation between the teams. In all previous won the Russian nationals. However once the Russian players were able to beat lichtensteini large in 2009 (3: 0). The game will take place at the Arena Khimki» And will begin at 20: 00 GMT. To serve the game will be a team of judges from Belgium under the direction of sГ©bastien Daferera.
According to Capello, all 25 players, the national team of Russia, not experiencing issues with health And ready for the match against Liechtenstein

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