The coach of FC Terek Rakhimov: will sign the beginner to the closure of the transfer window

The coach of FC Terek Rakhimov: will sign the beginner to the closure of the transfer window
Grozny «Terek» will sign a few new players before the end of the transfer window, because For successful performance in the championship and Cup of Russia required the yoke 18 players at a high level. This opinion in the talk With the journalist expressed his Coach Grozny club Rashid Rakhimov.
At this point in time «Terek» has not added any beginner.» We have no plans to do literally no newcomers this summer, » said Rakhimov.- We viewed a lot of players, But some are not suitable for financial reasons, and other sports. Looking for the best options, time For applications and We use it With benefit».
Rakhimov Also said that the team was not formulated a specific goal for the current Season.» Specific goals for the Season before the team hasn until didn’t, » said Rakhimov.- The main task For us is to be a strong, competitive team. That’s where we need strengthening. Currently we have a team of 12-14 equivalent of the core players of the clip, But this a bit. The season is long, players have the opportunity to pursue injury, disqualification, in addition there are the matches of the Cup of Russia. To go through such a long distance without disruption, it is necessary to clip in 18 people. Also important internal competition within the team. I hope in the near future, «Terek «will be a success and in the transfer market».
in the first round of the championship of Russia of the new season of «Terek» began With a home win over omkaram». The meeting, which took place in Grozny on August 4, ended with the score 4: 0.
in Terek glad that Ivanov is not joined CSKA
Rakhimov said that midfielder «Terek» Oleg Ivanov took a balanced and independent decision, refusing to move to CSKA and extending the contract With the Grozny club.
first in the media were messages that CSKA and «Terek» already agreed transfer Ivanov, But he eventually decided to stay in Grozny.
«Ivanov was one foot in CSKA? But football is played by 2 feet, said Rakhimov.- He thoroughly weighed all the options and decided to stay in the» Terek», has signed a new contract. We are very pleased that He has decided to stay in our team, I Hope He will continue to be one of the leaders of our club on and off the pitch».
Ivanov signed a contract With «Terek «24 December 2011. Since then He has spent 64 tournament of Grozny club in the championship, where he scored 7 goals. 27-year-old midfielder is a bronze winner of Euro 2008 team of the Russian Federation, however, He has not played for the national team single tournament

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