The coach of FC Rotor Veretennikov: it’s time to put the question on the need of existence of the club

The coach of FC Rotor Veretennikov: it's time to put the question on the need of existence of the club
The Ministry of sports of the Volgograd region, manual region And the leadership of the «Rotor» it’s time to Solve it if the existence of the football club in such a deplorable condition. About this in a telephone conversation With the journalist said head Coach Oleg Veretennikov.
in June, the «Rotor» due to issues With funding had to withdraw From the championship of the national Football League (Germany). The club wishes to start In the 2nd division championship in the South, starting on August 12. On Tuesday, local sports Ministry issued a statement in which he accused the leadership of the club’s reluctance to restructure the debt, which is 114, 5 million rubles.. Later 1st Vice-President of the «Rotor» Rochus Schoch said that he does not consider the monetary situation is catastrophic.
«At the present time, probably all need to look into each other’s eyes: the Ministry of sport, And to the management area, which we sponsor, And the club management. And Decide whether Rotor region And the city, » said Veretennikov.- The question is has already put so because, as We currently are probably wrong».
Veretennikov admitted that the team lacks no power, no uniforms, and Debts to some employees, and among them before him there Since January.
Updated team there for two months, And the first time players And staff together have eaten just before going on a game of the Cup of Russia («Astrakhan «August 1, defeated 0: 1.- Approx ). Well at least on game day, we had Breakfast, lunch, And dinner. The guide found the money, And We were able to go to the Volga on the bus. Previously We were not able to buy diesel fuel. Certain players who live in the outlying areas of the city was reached by training on the trams, trolley buses, even on trains. Given that is so hot, to demand some physical football is impossible,» said Veretennikov.
«We have no form, power, continued the head of the Department.- Train those balls that remained of team Germany, playing in the old form. Our administrators pulled the names from old t-shirts. There is no opportunity to give the boys club form. Now go to old t-shirts, But then when it becomes cool, apparently I will be in jeans And boots. Debts remain And the players that have already left the team. Those who remained With Germany, including the coaching staff, do not receive a salary From January».
According to Veretennikov, the club helps the team in every way possible.» We are continuously in touch With them. All that have the opportunity, they do. So We talked, And the Manual again went forward. In the coming days as we prepare for the start of the championship, the team will have food during the day between workouts. Before that I trained once a day, because it was not possible to feed the children,» said Veretennikov.
complaints from players until not received, admitted the head of the Department.» as a joke, Yes, the topic is raised. But to say the cry of the soul No,» he added.
The club, According to Veretennikov, happened before the beginning of the season to fulfill the task And to assemble a Team composed only Of students of Volgograd football.
«Youth % 40-50 — 1995, 1996 And 1997 birth. Three students of our Academy, which exists only in the 3rd year. In the team a lot of young people, which is unknown But which wants to «break». There are experienced guys who have families. Saved only by the fact that for all of them «Rotor «is not an empty word,» he said.
Veretennikov in the form of a player played for «Rotor» From 1992 to 2000 And twice won in its composition silver medals of the Russian championship And one bronze and three times he was the best scorer of the championship. Command 44-year-old headed in June.
«I knew what was coming. You know that for me it means a lot to this Club, And I am ready to endure To the end,» said the Coach.
in the last championship Germany «Rotor» took 15th place

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