The coach of FC Lokomotiv : try to ignore the thoughts about a birthday before the game in LE

The coach of FC Lokomotiv : try to ignore the thoughts about a birthday before the game in LE
Head Coach of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Leonid Kuchuk admitted that tries to abstract away from thoughts of his day of birth (August 27 specialist is 55 years of age) at the beginning of the response tournament qualifying play-off round of the Europa League footballers Cyprus» Apollo».
«Birthday separately, the game separately, said at a press conference Kuchuk.- Birthday — family party. Honestly, I do not like birthdays, the most own. Still the years go by. Naturally, the guys come up and congratulate, this is nice. But I try to ignore».
According to the specialist, preparing for the second leg fundamentally no different from preparing for the first game.» in principle, the preparation is no different. Only two days more to recover. We had a lot to do, and we tried to do it. Have some concept what we have problems and we will try something to change.
According to Kuchuk, the game preparing for all those players who were preparing for the first meeting, in addition to disqualified Jan Tigorev and Vitaly Denisov and injured Maxim Belyaev.
The defending player «Locomotive «Roman Shishkin, explaining the game of the opponent in the first match, said that most importantly, the team is watching her.» It is difficult to define the quality of the opponent. Rather, should focus on our unsuccessful game,» he said.
on Thursday, the «locomotive «and» Apollo «in the Russian capital will host the second leg of the play-off round of qualifications for the Europa League. The first Meeting was held in Cyprus ended in a draw 1: 1.
Meeting in the Russian capital will begin on Thursday at 19: 00 GMT

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