The case of football clubs locomotive and nick will be considered on 18 August in CAS

The case of football clubs locomotive and nick will be considered on 18 August in CAS
Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) rules on the dispute between Moscow football club «Lokomotiv» and «Nika» in respect of payments of compensation for the transfer of midfielder Denis Glushakov August 18, 2014. About it informs the official Internet-portal of the court.
in the last month of summer 2013, the dispute resolution chamber of the Russian football Union (RFU) ordered the «locomotive» to pay «Nick» part of the funds for the transfer Glushakova in «Spartacus». The player defended the colors of «Nicky» From 1999 to 2005. In June 2013, the midfielder moved from the «Locomotive» in «Spartacus». The railroad filed an appeal, which was rejected and the Club decided to apply to international arbitration body — CAS.
the head of «Locomotive» Olga Smorodskaya in February, told in an interview that «nick» from the selling price. On unreliable data, «Spartacus» paid «locomotive» for Glushakova 8 million euros.
With «Nika» we will sue in Lausanne, said Smorodskaya.- The club can get money from the first transfer Glushakov. And it happened again, when Dennis moved to Rostov SKA (2006.- Approx.).» Nick «insists, because it was a rental. However, in documents written -» the transfer agreement». Why should I assume that the transfer agreement is a lease? Confirmation in the dispute resolution chamber we have shown. Documents clearly written «lease», no. And we, again, have paper, which clearly stated — «the transfer agreement». About the rent Glushakova is a fairy tale. And in fairy tales I don’t believe «»

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