The Bulykin: Spartacus made the right choice, drawing attention to the Dutch players

The Bulykin: Spartacus made the right choice, drawing attention to the Dutch players
Spartak made the right choice, focusing on the Dutch market, But the Moscow club we should Not forget the young Russian players. About it in conversation with the journalist said the former striker Dmitry Bulykin, first played for the Dutch «Den hag», Ajax and FC Twente.
As before reported, «Spartak» had reached a consensus about the transition 22-year-old attacking midfielder of FC Twente Quincy Promise.
«the Dutch players always drew the attention of European clubs, and Now drew the attention of the giants of Russian — said the Bulykin.- this is probably correct. In the Netherlands a lot of talents. But a lot of them and in the Russian Federation. But Not all young Russian players are in demand, why take foreigners. Case in mentality. We like to buy foreign players».
The Bulykin said that Promise in Twente in practice Not found».» When I came, he went in recruitment («plays for Go ahead eagles eagles «- Approx.) — told the forward.- for this reason, don’t know how strong promis. However I heard that this year he made his debut from the national team of the Netherlands, which speaks volumes. But to call Promise ready star, of course, cannot».
according to the information of the Dutch media, «Spartacus» will pay for Promise fifteen million.» If this is true, then the sum, of course, great. We need to think 10 times before you pay. However, in «Spartacus» certainly qualified Experts, » said Bulykin.- Adequate citizens are active in the leadership of Twente. But sometimes it happens that European clubs require the Russian for his players too much money. Happened more than once that the joint clubs have gained in the EU players at inflated prices».
currently Bulykin, last season played for Nizhny Novgorod «Volga», is a free agent.» With my future I haven’t decided. Where he will continue his career in Russia or abroad? Now this issue is solved,» said striker

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