The Atletico coach in the game with real Madrid didn’t think about revenge for the defeat in the Champions League

The Atletico coach in the game with real Madrid didn't think about revenge for the defeat in the Champions League
Players Atletico Madrid live for today, for this reason, going into the second leg of the Spanish super Cup with the capital Madrid, they did not think about revenge for the defeat of «butter «in the final of the Champions League season 2013/14. About It told the head Coach of atlГ©tico’s Diego Simeone at the postgame press conference.
Club atlГ©tico de Madrid in the first day of the weekend defeated at home the Estadio Vicente calderГіn In the 2nd leg of the Spanish super Cup real Madrid with the score 1: 0 and won the trophy.
«Plans «were very close to victory in the final of the Champions League, leading in score during the whole meeting.» Real Madrid lined position by the efforts of Sergio Ramos just in time added on and sent the game into overtime, in which the players «Royal club» scored in the goal Atletico Madrid for another 3 goals. According to Simeon, the game is for the super bowl, he and his team didn’t think about revenge for the humiliating defeat.
«We live in today. In each tournament, We always give one hundred %. Today, as then, We played great. But then We lost, this time won. We are always konkurentosposobnoi, But not every time We manage to win,» said Simeone.
He also apologized for his expressive behavior that led to his removal from the bench in the middle of the first half. Simeon too actively expressed their disagreement with the referee’s decision, therefore, was forced to watch the game from the stands, and the team was headed his assistant Herman Burgos.» I was too excited and didn’t cope with nerves. I ask forgiveness for his behavior,» said the head Coach of Atletico Madrid.
He also said that the rivalry with real Madrid inspires his players.» Real Madrid is a great team, which gives Us the energy to fight on the field and be very focused during the whole tournament. I am happy that We won Today,» he said at the end of Simeon.
Carlo Ancelotti: Di Maria was not needed
The transition to «real «in game 3 of the midfield In the 2nd half of the tournament led to the fact that» creamy «lost oversight of the match and give the opponent too much space. Such an opinion at the postgame conference was expressed by the head Coach of real Madrid Carlo Ancelotti.
Italian specialist in the beginning of the second half was replaced by Toni Kroos on Cristiano Ronaldo, for the reason that in the Central region remained 3 midfielder and the team lost the supervision of the ball and the game in General.» I think We lost the supervision of the match. We had more possession, which We are very well made in the first half. In the 2nd part of the game We allowed Atletico to defend himself as he wished, and could not score,» said the coach of real Madrid.
according to him, Ronaldo was not ready to play 90 minutes, for this reason, Ancelotti decided to release it on the field In the 2nd half, when will decrease the pace of the game. Also the Italian explained missing even in the petition for the match of angel Di Maria, who, according to media reports, is close to joining Manchester United.» It was a technical decision. In this game Di Maria was not needed,» said Ancelotti.

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