The Arsenal players won the 1st victory in the national championship, beating torpedo

The Arsenal players won the 1st victory in the national championship, beating torpedo

Battle of the outsiders of the Russian Premier League has Not caused a large audience excitement. At the pre-match meeting the organizers of the game were expecting, according to TASS, up to five thousand fans, But still show the match live gathered much less the audience. Judging visually, the game in Ramenskoye was attended by Not more than three thousand fans, a great part of which amounted to Guests.
As said TASS, the head of the press service of the Tula Arsenal Eugene Ovsyannikov, from the outset guest quota consisted of 300 tickets, but it was increased to five hundred. Still exit the sector number in practice did Not yield active fans «torpedo», and maintained a private club Guests Very noisy and furious, despite Not stayed for a minute freezing rain.
Fans of «torpedo» in the 2nd half, tried to spoil the mood of the guests, when started mass breakthrough around the field to their sector. This breakthrough has been stopped in the press box law enforcement agencies.
Guests came to reporting the match positively, as opposed to of gained. If black and white in the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup in Podolsk expected lost to CSKA Moscow 0: 2, «inventories» created the main sensation, probably the whole match. Red-yellow in St. Petersburg won in extra time leader of the championship, Zenit (3: 2), also losing in the game 0: 2.
According to head coach Tula club Dmitry Alenicheva, after that meeting, the team should finally gain confidence in their own abilities to improve their business and in the national championship, where Tula club before the 12th round was in last place with only 2 points.
Anyway good luck favored guests. On the 49th minute, Arsenal FC Striker Artur Maloyan scored the only goal in the game.
Tula reserves won the 1st win of the season and the 1st victory in the Premier League in its history. The team Dmitry Alenicheva Not managed to climb the table, left on 16th place with five points.
The series with no wins «torpedo» in the championship of Russia has already lasted up to eight matches, 6 losses, 2 draws). In recent times gained was won on August 16 at the exit «Urals» (2: 0), and this Victory as long as it remains the only season for black and white.
This was the fifth meeting in the history of confrontation between «torpedo» and «Arsenal». In the previous 4 matches Rivals twice exchanged victories. Two times the teams played each other in the framework of the Russian Cup on the same stage — 1/16 finals. In 1992 the win on the road won «torpedo» (1: 0), and in 1998, «stock» took revenge on its Field and with the same score. In the championship of the Russian Federation team twice played each other last season of the national Football League (Germany). Then on 7 October 2013 in Ramenskoe turned out to be stronger gained (2: 0), and Tula 30 April 2013 won «reserves» (1: 0), and this Victory is in practice provided Arsenal direct access to the Premier League.
Arsenal FC striker Artur Maloyan scored own second goal in the Premier League in his career. 1st ball in the championship of Russia Malayan scored in the 10th round of the goal of «Rostov». Previously, the football player who began his career in the Moscow «Spartak», differed only in the framework of the championship of the first division and the Cup of Russia.
Slovak defending Player Arsenal’s Lukasz Cleaver held the 1st match against his former team. Cleaver played for the black and white with 2012 to summer 2014. In the game the Slovak footballer scored a missed penalty in the first half. His kick from eleven meters the 30th minute was parried by goalkeeper «torpedo» Yuri Zhevnov.
in the upcoming round of «torpedo» in Ramenskoye November 8, take the capital «locomotive» and «reserves» day away will play with the Moscow «Spartak».
the incident with the fans
in the 60th minute about 50 fans «torpedo» tried to break through on tracks around the field for Arsenal fans, But This breakthrough was stopped after the intervention of the police in the press box.
«What punishment threatens the club will show only the Committee, But in the record and the report of the delegate of the tournament was made, said after the tournament from a source in the» torpedo».- While he noted That the incident was preceded by mutual provocation fans alike if he pronounces one another, after which the group of fans «torpedo «tried to get to the podium of the enemy. It is also noted That this breakthrough was neutralized due to the timely action of the security forces of the stadium, and this episode did Not lead to the stop of the tournament,» said the source.
Earlier this season, «torpedo» has already been punished for the actions of the fans. Following the meeting with «Dynamo» (1: 3) for shouting offensive and racist nature to the African-American player in football blue and white Christopher Samba fan sector «torpedo» was disqualified for one home game.
explanations after the tournament
Head coach Nikolai Savichev: «Disappointed with the result, We were required to take 3 points. But the opponent has implemented their chances and We didn’t. Doesn’t the game in attack. Lost a very important match. I agree That weather rules made adjustments to the game. In the first half the Field was still in usable condition, and after the Turf has already floated. Opponents to readjust to the new conditions, But We are not. In the end, the guys tried, the dedication was on the level. In these games you need to score first,» said Savichev.
Also, the coach said That the situation with the fans of «torpedo» does Not benefit the team.
«It is a shame That someone rocking the boat in which We All swim. We have to unite as soon As possible. As for the desire to move to the East of the street, We wish to play in their own stadium, But It is a question of leadership,» said Savichev.
The head coach of Arsenal Dmitri Alenichev: «I am very Glad That finally managed to win. It’s nice That We were able to recover after such a difficult game in St. Petersburg, the code was able to beat Zenit in the game 1/8 Cup of Russia, — said no.- Today to talk about combinational football No sense to the fore the dedication and struggle. Glad That Malayan scored a wonder goal, I Think the result is logical. During the break, decided to move to play 2 strikers, and This move is justified. Cleaver asked for a replacement, was wounded, Had instead to let the midfielder.
Also the mentor of the Tula club said That the reserves required to maintain a place in the Premier League.
«I am an optimist and will always believe in our guys. As long as there is even the smallest chance, I will always say That» reserves «will retain the residence in the Premier League,» said the coach.
Midfielder of «torpedo» Dalibor Stevanovic: «we are suffering Today could be combined, Lost a lot of challenges, so was very disappointed As the game and the result. It is a pity That I failed to take 3 points. We must continue to work hard, to train and prepare for the next meeting. The pitch was in terrible condition, But It does Not have the ability to be an excuse for us. The lawn was equally difficult for Both us and Arsenal, so the reasons for the defeat is Not in it,» said Stevanovic.
the reviews Stevanovic, in the next meeting of Lokomotiv Moscow» torpedo «will play with extra motivation to win the Derby.
«in the upcoming round of the game with Lokomotiv, we will fight until the end. The railwaymen are the main enemy torpedo? Didn’t know. Well, for me It will be an additional and very important reason,» said the player.
Midfielder Arsenal of Malden Kascelan: We are very excited about today’s success, But I think this was initiated in St. Petersburg. Victory over Zenit in the Russian Cup has inspired us and helped us the First time and win the championship, » said Kascelan.
for reviews of the Montenegrin player in football, «inventory» could Not play in the usual football due to weather conditions.
«of course, the weather interfered. The pitch was very heavy, and it was hard to play in passing, As We had a habit. Had to change more than a power play with long passes, and It bore fruit. I think That the score on the game, although the «torpedo» had a lot of chances. Previously there were games when we had No luck, but the luck was on our side, » said Kascelan

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