Team Russia will not play on the football tournament of the Olympic games-2016

Team Russia will not play on the football tournament of the Olympic games-2016
Youth national Team of Russia on football (players under 21) failed to make it to the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and in the playoffs qualifying tournament of European championship 2015. About this was announced after the home team wins the Italian game of the group round with the national team of Cyprus. The meeting, which took place in the Italian Castel Di Sangro, ended with the score 7: 1.
because of this victory, the Italians occupied the first place in group 9 and went to the playoffs the European championship. Team Russia finished second in the group 2 championship qualification Europe. Thanks to the victory of the Italians Russian citizens could not get the four best teams, the runner who receive vouchers in the playoffs. As other teams from this Quartet, citizens of Russia scored 16 points (scored in matches with a team of Andorra points do not count), but inferior to competitors in an additional indicator is the difference of scored and conceded goals.
Because of absenteeism in the next round of European championship 2015 Russian citizens lost the chance to participate in the Olympic games in 2016. Home Meeting with the team of Andorra, which takes place At this point in time, has no tournament value.
the last time the national Team has competed in the Olympic football tournament in 1988. Games in Seoul has developed for the Soviet team successful team under the leadership of Anatoly Byshovets reached the final, where 2: 1 beat the Brazilians

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