Team RFPL, consisting of players of the national team of Russia on football, has the ability to be created for the 2018 world Cup

Team RFPL, consisting of players of the national team of Russia on football, has the ability to be created for the 2018 world Cup
The national team of Russia on football for a successful performance at the world Cup 2018 basic needs of the team that would play in the Russian championship. About It in conversation with the journalist said the Secretary General of the Russian football Union (RFU) Anatoly Vorobyov.
reviews Vorobyov, the Team shall be made up of players that are invoked periodically in the Russian national team And representing leading Russian Clubs. To train the Team, says the General Secretary of the RFU must Coach the Russian Federation Fabio Capello.
«Before the eyes of the unsuccessful performance of our youth team in the qualifying round of European championship (team Russia failed to reach the finals of the European championship, losing his chance to Participate in the football tournament of the Olympic games 2016.- Approx.) said Vorobyov.- Hope for 3 and a half years left Before the world Cup in our country will have real football» stars», it is not necessary. It is clear that at the world championship, we will be able to compete only at the expense of teamwork. In this situation you need to look for unique competence And potential competitive Advantages. One of them may be the most important, may be the development of the basic command — «Russia-2018″.
Coach Fabio Capello
«Part of this team in the championship of Russia proposed in the season prior to the world championship, that is in season 2017/18, said Vorobyov.- Before you can offer Nikolai Pisarev (head Coach of the youth national team of Russia) to break in a young candidates to the national team in Germany (national Football League). Glasses that basic Team would win the national championship, was remitted for sports motivation. But If the basic Command, for example, won the championship, the result would not be recognized because in European competition next season it or otherwise not perform. The command «Russia-2018″ coached would coach the Russian Federation Fabio Capello, whose contract with the RFU, as it is known, is designed To 2018. The team would be formed from players on loan, periodically called in the Russian national team And representing leading Russian Clubs. The transfer window Will have two. It turns out that club, If you will, in winter Will have a way to get the player sent to «Russia-2018″. In addition, it Will be possible ahead of time to prepare provisions under which the club that came in the spring stage of the Champions League or Europa League, could cause the player in football from «Russia-2018″ to participate in the European Cup spring campaign».
The example of Spain And Barcelona
«The advantages of the basic commands is obvious — one year Capello will play individual parts And players in certain positions with regard to different models And possible opponents. He Will know which player is in which physical condition is, » said the functionary.- in the history of sports there are good examples, When the national team based on players of a certain team achieved high results. This is, for example, the national football team of the USSR of the 1980s, which constituted the backbone of the players of Dynamo Kyiv. This is a hockey team of the USSR, in practice, fully equipped CSKA. In 2002, Guus Hiddink, then — head coach of South Korea had a few months to fully prepare the team for the home world championship. In the end, the South Korean national team reached the semi-finals. If we talk about more recent examples, we can think of Spain And Barcelona, the German national team And Bayern. It will be a shame If we build fresh stadiums and team Russia will fly out after the group stage. The holiday Will be spoiled. And If in Sochi failure hockey team was facilitated by the success of short-Trebisov, skiers, and other athletes, the football championship of such will not work — This monotony».
Clubs are required to obtain economic benefits And preferences
on the question of how to motivate the Clubs, so they agreed to release the leading players in the base Command, General Secretary of the RFU said: «it is necessary that the annual rent of players brought them economic benefits. In addition, it is necessary that the Clubs that released in «Russia-2018″ to their players, received And other preferences — for example, that they were not subject to the limit on foreign players».
according to the interviewer, in order to project the basic commands for the national team of Russia was launched, the necessary political will.» If this project Will be treated as a Federal project, and also will find support from the Ministry of sports And the country’s leadership, I have no doubt that the base team will have a powerful sponsor in the face of large government organizations».
«Let me remind you that the project is a joint championship was planned to allocate 5 billion euros,» said the functionary.
«Many idea seems too radical or «exotic», But as Einstein said: «a Fool who wants to get fresh results, using ancient ways». The main thing is to prioritize, and It is the desire of the national team of the Russian Federation And Its results at the world Championships, » said Vorobyov.- And don’t be afraid to sacrifice something. When the end of the 1940′s was a question of protecting the country, the atomic project had thrown all the strength somewhere in damage to various industries. But in the end, the atomic bomb was obtained. And our country Until now looks respectable on the international arena.
Sparrows have noticed that the basic project team for the national team of the Russian Federation until no more than the idea, which requires public comment.» This is my personal suggestion, » said the functionary.- Well, in the RFU was formed a working group which deals with the issues of how the national team of Russia the most effective prepare for the world Cup. It is chaired by the head of the RFU Nikolai Tolstykh «»

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