Team of the Russian Federation may hold qualifying matches for UEFA Euro 2016 in arenas Spartak and Rubin

Team of the Russian Federation may hold qualifying matches for UEFA Euro 2016 in arenas Spartak and Rubin
The Russian football Union (RFU) considering the work of the national team matches in the qualifying round of European championship 2016 on new stadiums — «Open arena» and «Kazan-arena». About It in conversation with the journalist said the commercial Director of the RFU Peter Golunov.
«from our group there are no commands that can attract more attention from the fans. If From a sporting point of view, the presence of teams of Sweden, Austria, Montenegro, Moldova and Liechtenstein favorable disposition for us, with commercial — not the best. We consider the possibility of hiring home games in other stadiums in the other regions. In November 2010 with great success, was held a friendly match against Belgium in Voronezh. Then, excitement prevailed. But not everything depends on us, because there are issues relating to logistics. It is also necessary to take into account the opinion of the coaching staff,» said Golunov.
«Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has rightly said That it makes sense to play at the new arena, built for the world Cup-2018. This is the stadium» Spartak «in Tushino and» Kazan-arena». We are working in this direction, so do not exclude such a possibility in the near future», — said the functionary.
own 1st match, qualifying the Team of the Russian Federation will hold 8 September against a team of Liechtenstein. The meeting will be held at Moscow stadium «arena Khimki».
according to unconfirmed information, the Meeting of the national team of Russia with a team of Moldova (October 12) will be held in St. Petersburg at the stadium «Petrovsky».
As stated by the journalist in the RFU, the final venue of the meeting has not yet been determined.
Previously Director General of ANO «Executive Directorate of sports projects Azat Kadyrov, in conversation with the journalist said That «Kazan-arena» not later months of the end of the world championship in water sports 2015, which will be held from 24 July to 9 August in Kazan.
The RFU will conduct a campaign to increase attendance of the tournament Russia — Liechtenstein
Peter Golunov added That the RFU will conduct an active campaign to ensure high attendance at the selection meeting for Euro 2016 qualifier between Russia and Liechtenstein.
in the Team environment of the Russian Federation at the Arena Khimki» played a friendly match against Azerbaijan, the match ended With the score 4: 0. The game was watched by only 3, 5 thousand fans (the worst result at home matches of the Russian national team since 2004, Then to a meeting of the national team of Legionnaires RFPL come 3 thousand people). Already on 8 September, the citizens of Russia on the same stadium will play the 1st meeting in the qualifiers for the European Championships in 2016 against Liechtenstein.
«It is clear That interest in the game, bearing the status of training, does not have the ability to be great. It’s not a cash game. Although the numbers of attendance one way or another is not the most pleasant. But I just did not want to dramatize the situation before meeting with the team of Liechtenstein,» said Golunov.
«We anticipate great interest in this match. With his own hand holding a number of activities in order to collect As many spectators. Are actively working with our commercial partners and sponsors. For example, We used their database, sending more than a million e-mails with the initiative to attend the match. That’s not all. Also made a special offer for subscribers to the official Twitter of the national team of Russia on football. Currently required to receive advertising banners in the media, are our partners. As far as the date and time of the tournament, they are appointed specifically by the Union of European football associations (UEFA). I, As a resident of the capital it is Clear how hard it is to go to Khimki, when the game is scheduled for 20: 00, you can’t do anything about it,» said the expert

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