Station of the Moscow metro Spartak will work not only during football matches

Station of the Moscow metro Spartak will work not only during football matches
Station of the Moscow metro «Spartak» will work in normal mode, not only during football matches at the stadium «Open arena». About it said on the first day of the weekend, Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of urban development and construction of the capital of Russia Marat Khusnullin.
first in the media appeared information That the Station «Spartak», which should open in late summer, the first time will work only during matches.
«I think the Station will work non-stop, we are close to not going,» said Khusnullin. According to him, the Station is already running and ready.» Build the station, close it makes no sense», — noted the Deputy mayor.
He said That he also agreed with the authorized club about the fact that were offered free Parking, Which will ensure the relevance of the station.
first in the management of the Moscow metro said That the Station will be closed to the entrance of passengers completion Box sporting events at the stadium «Open arena».
There commented That closing the Station will be due to the fact That too much flow can cause a stampede. The Station will work in normal mode. In the Moscow metro emphasized That such a measure is always applied at a bus stop subway platforms located in close proximity to the objects mass events.
«The field is complete different activities close to the station Sokolnicheskaya line — «Sparrow hills» and «Sports», located near the stadium «Luzhniki». In addition, After the festivities closed at the entrance and Station «Victory Park», located in close proximity to the memorial complex of Victory «Poklonnaya Gora», — stated in the management of the Moscow metro.
in the management of the Moscow metro added, because it is a traditional measure of safety applied in many cities of the world the end of mass events.
fans of «Spartacus» Until now fresh memories rush Champions League games of the late 90s against, for example, inter, real Madrid and Arsenal. In «Luzhniki» was going on 70-80 thousand fans, and After the tournament people were sent to «Frunzenskaya», because «Sports» overloaded very quickly, and Gory at the time was not functioning. However, even when the Station was re-launched, fans it was not allowed and After the matches of the championship of Russia with the lowest attendance.
the location of the metro station «Luzhniki» similar to «camp Nou», arena Spanish «Barcelona». Stadium blue-pomegranate from the station to go presumably those fifteen minutes, However the metro access is not restricted. On the contrary, when Barcelona plays later, the time the subway is extended.
Most similar European analogous to the «Open-Arena is London’s Emirates Stadium, which is home matches held reserves. The arena was opened in 2006, its capacity is slightly more than 60 thousand.. near the stadium there are several metro stations, But on match days only work 3 — reserves (in three minutes), and «Finsbury Park and Highbury & Islington» (located in 10 minutes walk). Two more stations are closed for more effective management of human flows. Before and After matches overlap the adjacent streets, on which queue in the subway. Interestingly, the station reserves After football not working escalators.
As for the experience of the last major international competition in Kiev during the Euro 2012 located Close to the NSC «Olympic» metro station «Olympic» and «sports Palace» was closed for four hours before the fights and opened within an hour of the end of matches. However during the recent world Cup in Brazil 3 stations located in close proximity to the Marakan» in Rio de Janeiro, worked without restrictions.
Stadium «the opening of the arena is the home arena of FC «Spartak». The opening match at the new stadium will take place on 5 September between FC Spartak Moscow and Belgrade «red Star.» The opening of the arena with a capacity of 42 thousand spectators will host matches of the world football championship in 2018

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