Sports Director of FC Volga : required to solve the problem of returning to the Premier League for the 2018 world Cup

Sports Director of FC Volga : required to solve the problem of returning to the Premier League for the 2018 world Cup
By 2018, When Nizhny Novgorod will be one of the cities hosting world Cup soccer, which will be held in the Russian Federation, a local club of the national Football League (Germany)» Volga «is obliged to enter in the Russian football Premier League (RFPL). This kind of task team leadership, Nizhny Novgorod region, said special Sports journalist Director of the» Volga «Alexander Sticky.
«Our team must show a good entertaining football for the viewer to go on it. Such a task is assigned to the club by the administration of Nizhny Novgorod region,» said Sticky.
The interviewee explained that the task of the «Volga «in the current championship Germany is thorough preparation to return to the Premier, the participants of which Nizhny Novgorod club left on the results of the previous national championship, finishing in 15th place.
«Our main task now is not the fastest return to the Premier League, And the development of a rejuvenated team and updated club and composition, and financial opportunities, and the organization is really ready not only to the exit in the RFPL, But also to stable performance There. For several years Volga struggled in the Premier League for the right to stay in the elite of Russian football, And eventually ended up flying to Germany. It should be understood that the output in the Premier League is a serious step. There should be at least in the middle of a tournament table and solve higher task — to fight for a place in the Europa League, for example. And to put before each championship goal is not to fly is not what corresponds to the status of Nizhny Novgorod football,» said the specialist.
«we must be guided not only desires, But also opportunities. However, At this point in time We can say, not dying in the RFPL. Yes, you can dial on a big budget impressive by the standards of the championship team and win Germany. But then the question will arise: «Why?» We must make full club structure, And it is a question not only strength, But also time,» said Sticky.
«When All the steps of the staircase will be completed When students from the school will get in» Volga-2″, which We currently create, When We have a fully equipped training facility, And the club established All mechanisms, When in the «Volga «in the budget will be» financial cushion «- then We say Yes, set the task and go to the Premier League,» concluded the expert.
Talalaev will remain head coach of the «Volga»

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