Specialist: increase of cost estimates for construction of the stadium in Volgograd for the FIFA world has every reason

Specialist: increase of cost estimates for construction of the stadium in Volgograd for the FIFA world has every reason
The increase of cost estimates for construction in Volgograd stadium for the world Cup in 2018, what said the host organization Stroytransgaz (STG) Gennady Timchenko, is quite justified. This opinion in the talk with the reporter was expressed by the head of the Board of the Institute «Volgogradgrazhdanproect» Andrew Kuprikov.
«Definition of the problem has serious grounds», — noticed Kuprikov.
in Volgograd for the tournament must be built a new football stadium for 45 thousand spectators.» The cost per seat on a typical modern stadium is defined 7-7 .5 thousand euros. Next, simple arithmetic, and the translation of Euro into dollars at the current exchange rate. Already there are about fifteen, 8 billion. But still have serious work to remove the old stadium, which will be built New. Also have shore protection and landscaping with all the infrastructure,» said Kuprikov.
in his vision, this is a major reason for the increase in the estimate of the construction of the arena.
the press service of the government of the Volgograd region, the journalist said that in the 2nd part of August it is planned conclusion of the state expertise of the project Volgograd new stadium «Victory «for the world Cup-2018. After solving this examination, and will be the official explanations authorized regional authorities.
in the master STH Gennady Timchenko said that» in the proposed budget (15 billion) we cannot get, and at a loss Stroytransgaz is not working. Review, re-assess budgets or refuse to participate in projects. For that kind of money to build will not. 17 billion is the minimum that is needed to get to zero,» says the businessman.» we are a commercial organization, we are obliged to earn money,» drew attention Timchenko.
The new stadium «Victory «will be built in Volgograd on the site of the present Central stadium, located between the Mamayev Kurgan and the right Bank of the Volga. Design and construction of the stadium that meets all the requirements of the international Federation of football Association (FIFA), will be more than fifteen billion. All on inaccurate data, the amount of the Federal investment in the training of Volgograd for the 2018 world Cup is determined by more than 27, 5 billion rubles. In addition to the construction of the new stadium, it is expected the construction and renovation of road, hotel, telecommunication network, the development of the sphere of service, as Well as the reconstruction of the runway at the international airport of Volgograd

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