Skater Gachinski: I already don’t like stuck stamp clone Plushenko

Skater Gachinski: I already don't like stuck stamp clone Plushenko
Bronze medalist of the world championship 2011 Arthur Gachinski considers timely transfer from St. Petersburg the capital of Russia and is ready to compete with the two-time Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko at any event. This opinion Gachinski told in a telephone conversation with a journalist.
at the age of 9 Arthur Gachinski moved Together with the family from the capital of Russia to St. Petersburg and began to train in a group of Alexei Mishin, hoping Under the guidance of renowned coach to win Olympic top. Oposlya, as Evgeni Plushenko, taking second place at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, took a break in the views in Amateurs, success Gachinskogo went uphill. He became the bronze medalist of the world championship 2011 in the capital of Russia, and After returning Plushenko successfully competed with the Olympic champion in Turin at the European championship-2012. In Sheffield Gachinski then won the short program and won the silver medal. In the future Mishin began to focus Plushenko, and in the Olympic season Gachinski failed to qualify not Only for the Games in Sochi, where Russia was the only license in the men’s figure skating, but even the European championship, where our country was represented by 3 figure skater. Then Arthur took the decision to return to Moscow and began to train in a group Elena Bujanovac and Tatiana Tarasova.
«I have long disliked stuck stamp clone Plushenko,» said Gachinski.- many people think that with the replacement of the coach, and place of residence I was tardy. Only everything is done on time.»

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