Simonyan: the use of punishment depends On the will of FIFA and UEFA external pressure

Simonyan: the use of punishment depends On the will of FIFA and UEFA external pressure
The possible use of punishment to the Russian football Union (RFU) depends On how you behave International Federation of football associations (FIFA) and the Union of European football associations (UEFA) under external pressure From the US, EU and UK. This opinion in the talk with the journalist expressed the 1st Vice-President of the RFU Nikita Simonyan.
On Tuesday, the head of the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) Anatoliy Konkov appealed to FIFA and UEFA petition to apply punishment to the RFU in connection with the start of the Crimean clubs in the Cup of Russia. At the stage of 1/256 final in Russian competitions debuted SCCF (Sevastopol), TJC (Simferopol) and «Pearl» (Yalta).
«The thing is, will the FIFA and UEFA pressure From America, European Union and England. From this and will be based, what punishment can be used to RFU. At the same time FIFA can say that it is out of politics, then they will take a fair decision that the Crimea is the subject of the Russian Federation,» said Simonyan.
Simonyan noticed that the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko is a member of the FIFA Executive Committee.» He will prove the validity of our position. It’s hard to say how much weight we have in FIFA. But the fact that we are ahead of many major federations in the battle for the world Cup in 2018, says something,» said Simonyan.
«Skates could not do otherwise, because It is completely subordinate to the leadership of Ukraine. Of course, He did Such a message,» he finished Simonyan

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